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Lieutenant Cyrin Xanth

Name Cyrin Xanth

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Joined Trill
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description With a lithe, swimmers build, broad shoulders, and tall frame Cyrin fills out his uniform smartly. His brown hair varies in length from closely cropped to something a bit stylish at times. Cyrin has grey eyes, sometimes blue, sometimes dark, depending on the light or his mood. The characteristic spots that start at his temples and disappear beneath his collar easily mark him as a Trill.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jervin
Mother Rachey
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cyrin is a complicated young man, the union of two beings into one, and the first host of the Xanth symbiont.

Cyrin is still getting used to this whole Joined thing - and so is Xanth for that matter. Who are they together now, and what are they going to become? For the time being that means he’s a bit rambunctious and definitely filled with more energy than is good for him. If a bit of a hot head at times he means well, driven by a powerful urge to explore and experience as much as he can. Cyrin's definitely a poster child of modern Federation ideals, wholeheartedly believing in diversity, egalitarianism, and a ceaseless quest to better himself.

Brilliant, but never arrogant about it, friendly and welcoming of all sorts of people and ideas, he takes some criticism well but may be just as likely to blow up for a while even if he's plainly wrong. Despite a notably mercurial nature, Cyrin is fiercely loyal to those he serves with, while his devotion to his team and hard work to help everyone in his department succeed makes him a rather inspiring leader. Just watch out if he has a grin for a dangerous sounding away mission he might be about to volunteer you for.

On occasion he lets a fierce temper get away from him, especially when Cyrin's standing up for something or someone he believes in. Starfleet decorum is doable but he doesn't do it often, preferring his own mix of familiarity and quips to lighten the mood. Not for him the many centuries of accumulated wisdom of numerous hosts; this young man has the hedonistic drives of two out for their first cruise at life. From overindulging in foods and fun, flirting with all sorts of interesting aliens of all sorts of interesting genders, or just taking some extreme risks in the pursuit of a dangerous rush, Cyrin lives with passion.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cyrin is not just a pilot, but he’s an astrophysicist too. While splitting his focus and training meant that others set piloting records at the Academy, he graduated with a lot more scientific background than the average Starfleet flyboy. Still, he can pull some flashy maneuvers when the need arises, whether at the helm of a shuttle or starship, and has the knowledge to navigate and identify strange phenomena in space.

With youth and skill comes a sense of cockiness and invulnerability, and Cyrin has that in spades. He’s quick to speak up when he sees something wrong, even if it means butting heads with a superior officer. He’s also prone to take risks when he believes he's right, but so far Cyrin hasn't done more than stretch the letter of his orders or regulations.
Ambitions Too many dreams, is what the counselors tell him. Cyrin needs to pick some goals and settle on them. Maybe move into command training someday, find a nice man or woman or other that holds his eye rather than one or two in every port. Perhaps lead a research expedition to unveil a revolution in physics. Or run away and join an Orion grunge band maybe!
Hobbies & Interests Cyrin makes his exercise fun rather than a chore, and enjoys activities like swimming, surfing, and rock climbing. He spends a surprising amount of time training, either his body, in a flight simulator, tinkering on a shuttle, or spending off duty time in the astrometrics labs for someone with a reputation for partying. When he does get shore leave though, Cryin doesn’t even seem to need real alcohol to lose all inhibitions. Then he can really become a creature, or two of them really, given over to hedonism.

Character Bio

Personal History

Two Became One, the First Time

Growing up an only child to a pair of far-too ambitious parents, Cyrin’s earliest memories are hearing how there was nothing in the universe he couldn’t do. Pushed from a young age, groomed from birth truly, he was meant to accomplish great things and nothing short of extraordinary would suffice. Cyrin would be Joined, of course, but the path to get there was so competitive as to be downright insane at times. He must study the sciences, distinguish himself in the intellectual pursuits, but he mustn't forget a practical skill, the flashier the better, why not become a pilot, oh, and sports, one must definitely show how competitive and skilled they are.

Cyrin was one of the few. Everything had changed from the moment he woke, still tired from the bonding. Truly appreciating the wonder of his senses for the first time Cyrin Xanth began to see things differently. Cyrin's life was planned out before he was even conceived, and though he attained everything his parents had wanted, what he thought he wanted, but how much had really been him in the end. No wonder, as Xanth, the symbiont inside of him, wondered who they were now too.

Cyrin Xanth wanted to do something with his talents, put them to use, see as much of this incredible universe as he could. It didn't matter that he was going to live, in some form or another, for centuries and could take it easy. He wanted it all now. The same drive and ambition that got him through the Joining applications served him well with a sudden and ultimate rebellion to his parents' plans: he applied to Starfleet.

Service Record

Service History

A Path of His Own

Cyrin attended Starfleet Academy on Earth, taking the first and last year at San Francisco, the middle two at the annex in Marseilles. Already with a background in the sciences and flight training from his time training to be Joined he went into things thinking it would be easy, he nevertheless was pushed harder than he’d expected. Leadership proved to be a sometimes trying task, learning to be an officer meant he had to command a team, and his unorthodox methods and quick temper earned him both the loyalty of some classmates and the ire of some of the trainers. Cyrin was quick to make friends both on the sports teams he played with or in the classes he took, had his first whirlwind fling with a Klingon woman named T’vras that taught him to surf, then a rebound with a Frenchman named Claude that taught him to dance. He has fond memories of his Academy days, and they aren't that far behind him still.

After graduation Cyrin was off to an assistant chief’s position on board an aging Excelsior-Class ship, the USS Berlin. For almost two years he worked hard in flight control, running drills for their team of pilots or maintenance checks on the shuttles, working the night shift at the helm when not much interesting seemed to ever happen. On the rare occasion Cyrin was picked for a mission and though he was lucky enough to never mess up he did get into a shouting match with the XO once or twice. Eventually his experience and the animosity between him and the ship’s first officer grew to the point that advancement on the Berlin just wasn’t feasible. Transfer was arranged and his first home in the fleet felt more like a brief stay.

Cyrin’s been given a chance to run the flight control department on the USS Pennsylvania now, an opportunity he was eager to take. Finally he could have the chance to prove himself, to start fresh with a new crew and make this life for himself. Nagging thoughts on if being a pilot, a scientist, or even in Starfleet at all were pushed aside for the never-ending advancement of ambition and experience. There would be little choice in the matter this time, no easy transfers if he couldn't make it work, as their mission was going to take them clear across the galaxy itself.

After the Pennsylvania had been surprised by the Hirogen soon entering the Delta Quadrant, losing crew to both violence and illness, Cyrin was tapped to fill in a much needed role outside of Flight Control: Chief of Science. Though he'd still take a turn at the helm if no other pressing business required, Cyrin finally decided that a change of pace might be exactly what he wanted. Though he loved to fly exploring the nature of the universe itself excited him far more. With a promotion to a full lieutenant he took over the Science Department and started to slow down his hard to push to show how capable he was despite of past misjudgments.


2387 - 2391: Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Earth
2391 - 2393: ENS, Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Berlin
2393 - 2393: LTJG, Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pennsylvania
2393 - Present: LT, Chief Science Officer/Flight Control Officer, USS Pennsylvania