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Tomman Tyvan

Name Tomman Tyvan

Position Lounge Manager

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El-Aurian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Fit and athletic, Tomman Tyvan has a triangular face and bold nose, relatively handsome by some humanoid standards. With a muscled build, broad shoulders, and strong legs, he’s a healthy specimen of his kind. He’s one of the few people on board never in a uniform but sticks to casual civilian dress. He has massive scarring across his body usually kept covered by long-sleeves, jackets, pants, and so on.


Other Family Tomman doesn’t talk about his family.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Not exactly fitting the stereotype of a wise and ancient El-Aurian, Tomman is headstrong, young, willful, and probably not the best person to give out advice. Still, his ability to listen to most aliens, empathically putting people at ease so they might get to the root of their problems on their own, means people often wind up seeking him out anyways. About his own past he’s mostly quiet about it, so that much matches his kin back in the Alpha Quadrant. He might drop only the occasional hint as to his adventures before coming on board, but he runs a friendly lounge for his rescuers and seems like he can keep a secret for anyone stopping by. Tomman knows a fair bit about certain regions of the Delta Quadrant too, and is glad to share if asked.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong and quick as he is it wouldn’t be hard to assume he’s good with his fists, but given his situation when he met the crew, if Tomman knows how to fight he hasn’t shown it yet.

He also has a vast familiarity with beverages and snacks of the Delta Quadrant, as well as the ingredients to make exotic appetizers and cocktails never before experienced in the Federation. Likewise he has experience with hydroponics and even lab-grown meats to create the things he needs to whip up a new treat, for those willing to dare the fare of this part of the Milky Way. If Tomman seems to have any specialty, however, it is his talent for brewing beer. The Broad Axe, the USS Pennsylvania’s ten-forward lounge, serves some of the best beers in any galaxy!

Sometimes being mysterious can drive other people a bit crazy, but he does the best he can to keep service going with a smile and tries to keep the conversation about people other than himself. He’s not familiar Starfleet designs, so is terrible with the ship’s systems and computer, and just about anything to do with the races, languages, history, and politics from where this crew calls home.
Ambitions If one does get him to open up, Tomman might express some desire to someday find lost El-Auria somewhere in Borg space, or express his admiration for an organisation dedicated to bringing peace and justice back to the Delta Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Tomman enjoys listening most of all, always keen to hear the latest rumours, jokes, troubles, and victories from among the crew. Whether officer or enlisted, humanoid or not, he’s ready to offer his ear and a friendly smile when needed, and his discretion at all times.

One might catch him on his own time in the ship’s gym keeping in shape, fussing with his plants and test tube meats, or wandering the ship exploring. He’s yet to be introduced to many of the wonders of Starfleet technology, such as the holodecks, and might be willing to join the crew in other activities if asked.

Taking his role of managing the ship’s lounge seriously, Tomman is researching all about the vessel’s namesake, the great state back on Earth. It helps him find inspiration to name his latest brews.

Character Bio

Personal History Tomman Tyvan hasn’t shared much detail about his life in the Delta Quadrant. He’s served as a casino manager once though, a cook on a pirate’s ship once or twice, might have heard a thing or two about Tsunkatse, and stopped counting the number of planets he’s seen once he passed thirty. He’d rather remember the stories and people instead of some cold numbers.

Service Record

Service History 2393-Present Lounge Manager, The Broad Axe, USS Pennsylvania