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Lieutenant Tree Woods

Name Tree Woods

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 152cm
Weight 52kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short by any description, Tree is of a toned and athletic build. She works out a lot to keep in shape, is trained to a competent level in various martial arts and it shows. Off duty she tends to wear comfortable clothing and can usually be found in jeans, t-shirt and jacket. She doesn't wear much make-up or jewelry, preferring a near natural look with small touch-ups over a fully glamorous look.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Jackson Woods
Mother Maria Woods-Williams
Brother(s) Jackson Woods Jr
Martin Woods
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview No-nonsense Tree is a girl of action and prefers everyone just get to the point already. She has especially little patience for fake niceties and appreciates her time not being wasted, thankyouverymuch. She can come across as rough and hard-edged, but this is mostly a product of her skipping those same social niceties she loathes and just saying it like she sees it. This also makes her honest to a fault, even in situations where this might not be the best idea.
Strengths & Weaknesses Honest to a fault, but lacking a bit in social grace. Stubborn and headstrong. A good and loyal fighter, but not a diplomat by any means. Doesn't always pick up on subtle social cues. But her blunt exterior hides a well-meaning, true-hearted young woman. What she lacks in raw intelligence she makes up for in honesty and work ethic.
Ambitions To 'make it'. She hasn't figured out yet what 'it' is, but she'll know when she gets there.
Hobbies & Interests Training and working out. Old historical weapons, both bladed and projectile. She also loves historical music. Her three most prized possessions are an old, antique four-string electric bass, a vintage bolt-action rifle and an old one-handed, single-edged sword replica. She practices and is proficient with all three.

Character Bio

Personal History Life is not easy on Hope's Haven colony, near the edge of Federation space. Though it still maintains the trappings of society at large, the harsh climate and criminal element makes for a harsh life. You either learn to work hard and protect your own, or fall by the way side.

It was in this environment that Jackson Woods named the youngest of his three children, Tree. Short for Teresa. This name, he knew, would help her grow up tough. She'd have to be, with a name that just invited teasing and bullying. To this end he taught her to never back down from a fight, stand her ground and face bullies head on. This was a lesson young Tree took to heart and never forgot.

She'd say that her youth was tough but fair, and her time in school mostly positive. Sure, from time to time someone would challenge her, but they'd learn their place when they saw she wouldn't back off and was more than able to bite back.

Over time she's mellowed out a little, but that stubborn streak remained. Her head strong nature served her well, when she earned her ticket off of Hope's Haven and entry into a nearby Starfleet training academy. Here she naturally fell into a track for Security, with a minor in Tactical. Her grades were acceptable, though not exceptional.

After graduating she found a posting on the aging USS Ahwahnee. Here she served with distinction, finding that her hard working nature earned her the respect of her peers. Here also she slowly rose through the ranks, eventually making Assistant Chief Security, a position she'd held for almost a year until her ship was decommissioned, and she was transferred to the USS Pennsylvania.

Service Record

Service History