Captain's Arrival

Posted on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 12:04am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Frank walked into his private quarters and scanned the sparse room. The bookshelves were bare, the desk was clean and the bed neatly made. "This will do" he said aloud as he opened his crate of belongings in the center of the room. Carefully Frank placed an old fashioned photograph of him and his wife on his desk. Next he placed his 2 favorite books on the bookshelf, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and the Count of Monte Cristo.

"Computer" Frank said aloud as he sat down at his empty desk, "Begin recording."

"Captain's log, first entry, I have arrived at the Pennsylvania and marked myself as having arrived. The refit is nearing completion. In the final weeks the engine overhaul will be finalized and the Department Heads will be arriving. As they arrive they will be responsible for the final inspections of their area of responsibility. My hope is to complete the refit in the next two weeks, and leave for the Iota system.

I have been in contact with the Task Force CO and the Intelligence Departments at the Iota Command Facility. I have reached out to a former coworker to offer the position of Chief Engineer. With this position possibly filled I can focus on some of the other tasks at hand. It is going to be difficult to switch from being the Chief Engineer to the Commanding Officer but a challenge I am ready to accept. As I look forward to meeting the rest of my crew I will continue to focus my efforts on learning more about the Delta Quadrant."

"Computer End Log," Frank said as he returned to unpacking the few personal items he brought along.