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The Journey Ahead

Posted on Tue Sep 3rd, 2019 @ 1:35pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Kamar finished putting on his uniform and sat down at his desk. He had awakened at 0500 and went for a hike on the holodeck. His favorite trail was Laurel Falls in the Applachian Mountains near Gatlinburg. The falls were peaceful and a good uphill hike. Frank took a sip of his hot chai tea which added a hint of spice to the air.

-Computer Begin Recording-

"Captain's Log, We are entering the Graviton Catapult this afternoon. I feel I have done my due diligence to prepare the ship and crew for the journey ahead. Having met all of my bridge staff individually I feel confident we will be able to handle most of the challenges ahead.

I will report to the Task Force Commanding Officer once I arrive at Iota. Once I receive the finalized set of orders and latest intelligence reports. We will begin some precursory scans and begin our scouting mission. Rumors around some of the Fleet Officers have suggested a large organized multi-lifeform alliance operating in the area. It is my belief that we will most likely be meeting them in the very near future.

I have also been asked to keep any eye on any black market trading and see if anything of Borg origin appears. If it does I'm sure Frel will try to make some money off of it, and Arianna will want to take apart and rebuild it multiple times. That would be fun to watch those two got at, but I digress.

This is Commander Frank Kamar Jr, Captain of the USS Pennsylvania, leaving friendly space to face the unknown journey ahead."

-Computer End Transmission-


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