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Three Long Days

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 11:45pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Frank sipped a cold glass of sweet tea and then began his Captain's log.

"Captain's log, the journey through the Graviton Catapult has been quite intriguing, somewhat stressful, and a bit mysterious. The Pennsylvania experienced a problem with the gravity field on the bridge. I have asked Lieutenant Vladinichi to review the logs. Lieutenant Commander Sky has already reviewed all of the ship's critical systems multiple times. I don't want to cause a panic, but I feel there may be something sinister behind these accidents. A discussion with Sky and Vladinichi have confirmed my thoughts as they were of the same opinion.

Upon our arrival in the Iota System we will be checking in with the Task Force CO before departing on our mission. There have been rumors in the latest intelligence reports of a group of united worlds who are ruled through a governing council. Initial reports indicate it it similar to Starfleet but no formal introductions have been made yet.

I was under the impression that our mission here was to be one of exploration and mapping out new areas, but with the new political intrigue that an alliance of nations could bring, our first mission may end up being more in the political arena.

I must go to the bridge now, we are due to begin deceleration for arrival in the Iota system.

End Captain's Log.


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