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Hello Security!

Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2019 @ 1:42pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Oscar Vladinchi

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Incidentals Afternoon

Frank stepped off of the bridge after the morning's training revolutions. The engines appeared to be in excellent working order, and so far everything was going better than expected. After ordering a Chai tea, Frank sat down at his desk and picked up his PADD then reviewed the service record for the new Chief of Security. He wasn't sure how the Lieutenant had gotten aboard with out meeting him or checking in; and he was going to find out why.

Pressing his comms badge, Frank said =/\= Lieutenant Vladinchi, report to the ready room =/\=

Oscar Romanov Vladinchi had been consulting his PADD in his Office down in the lower decks after he events on the bridge. Things had progressed quickly on board the Pennsylvania, the new Chief Security Officer having little time between his arrival and his duty station to acclimate himself with such a massive ship. This, in itself, could of been the source of his folly. He was well aware of what he had done and had planned to rectify the situation post-haste, following catching up on Security reports. It hadn't been intended as an insult to the Captain, rather it had entirely been a lapse of judgement that led to the Lieutenant forgetting to address the Captain first thing.

As he scanned the PADD screen in front of him, his combadge chimed. After the message was relayed, he tapped his badge to respond. =/\= On my way. =/\=

A brief, curt reply. Oscar placed down his PADD for later review, exiting his quarters on Deck 7 and making his way to the turbolift. Along the way, he observed his fellow officers and crew, noting that some conditioning would be in order very soon. He was not accustomed to a ship the size of the USS Pennsylvania, and thus had been - along with his reports - casually reviewing the decks. He found that this ship had its own phaser training area, something he planned on utilizing post-haste.

By the time his thoughts caught up with him, he stood before the doors to the ready room. He pressed the panel for permission to enter and, once the doors were to slide open, he would enter.

"Lieutenant Vladinchi reporting as requested, sir," Oscar stated as he stood at attention, eyes directed at the bulkhead past the Captains head. His voice had a strong hint of russian within it, but not so much as to disrupt the fluency of his english. His expression was rigid, awaiting the orders of his Commanding Officer, and no doubt the reprimand he was to receive.

"At ease Lieutenant, please have a seat," Frank said as he motioned to a lounge chair across from him. "You're not here for a reprimand, I understand from the computer logs that you arrived this morning, just before we launched and that you reported directly to your station. I appreciate your dedication to your duty. Your team also performed well during the weapons testing," Frank said as he took a sip of his tea.

The Lieutenant gave a curt nod, finally allowing himself to look at his Commanding Officer as he took the offered seat. He relaxed, only just. "Thank you for the compliments, Captain," Oscar stated. "Concerning my team, I must admit that you have a very professional crew. Only a few words were necessary to encourage my subordinates into action."

His gaze on Frank was not impolite, rather open and perceptive, but maintaining the professional distance that was very clear by his posture and expression.

"Thank you Lieutenant, I can't take credit for that, Starfleet issued the orders for the crew. I'm glad you found them professional. I've been a Department Head before with a rough crew. Anyhow, I wanted to take a few minutes to make sure you are aware of a couple of things here on the Penny."

"First I'm sure you noticed but we have a Marine Major for our XO, she has been through the suck so to speak, so she has an outstanding grasp on tactics and ground maneuvers. This is part of a collaboration with Starfleet to train Marines and give them a chance to become part of the ships' crew instead of just a combat detachment assigned to the ship. With that being said, we do have a small Marine detachment on board but they are here to augment ship's security and assist with away missions,"

"Very good, sir," Franklin remarked. He had a polite smile. "I am positive the Marines will offer their skills to our crew and I look forward to working with them."

“Outstanding, I do have a request for you. I’d like you to develop a plan that is twofold. First I want you to make sure the Marines know the most critical areas of the ship that would need to be guarded if we were ever boarded. Secondly I’d like you to develop a plan to augment your current security teams throughout the ship with the Marines. My thought is, if we have them then we’ll put them to work. I think the biggest advantage is, that we can have a solid plan established to defend our ship internally if it was ever necessary.”

Oscar thought deeply for a moment, eyes downcast as he considered his options. He gazed back up when he concluded.

"If I am understanding your request correctly, Captain," Oscar said after that short pause, "You would like me to have the Marines become a detachment of the security division. If this is the case, I can most definitely assign them into places of vital strategic importance. By your request and permission, and I assume the Major's, I can establish myself as an acting commanding officer for your Marines until such time as I am superseded. Furthermore, I have gleamed over the specifications of your most interesting Starship and I believe I understand exactly where they would benefit the most."

Another short pause, a brief stroke of his chin, then a gaze back to his Captain. "The only issue is I am unsure in what way the Marines are trained in civic and social conduct. I would not like any of my staff, be they appointed, temporary, or permanent, to have any ability to properly associate on some empathy level. I can understand utilizing cold warriors for a cause, Marines will undoubtedly be useful in preventing access or ensuring someones safekeeping in specific situations, but I want them to be a part of the crew and be capable of that at the same time. They are, and should be, far more professional than my staff can be, in my opinion."

"Close but not quite," Frank replied. "The Marines will act as an auxiliary force only, they have a Marine coming to lead them. You will work with their Commanding Officer to coordinate the security efforts. Once you get to know them they are not cold warriors, they just have slightly different training than we do. Have you deployed to the Delta Quadrant before or will this be your first time?" Frank asked changing the subject.

"Understood, sir," Oscar replied. "First time in the Delta Quadrant. I have heard stories of the journey of the USS Voyager. Are we going to be following their waypoints in any way?"

"We will be retracing some of their journey, but our primary mission is going to be scouting and mapping some of the unknown regions. Starfleet wants to have a better idea of what's out there and who's out there, Lieutenant. As the Sec Chief your knowledge and skills will be invaluable, and there will be times the lives of the crew our in our hands sir. I pray you do not undertake this mission lightly."

Oscar nodded, more firmly this time. "The illusion of command is not such an illusion to me, Captain. I assure you, I will and shall take this responsibility seriously."

"Thank you, Lieutenant, do you have any questions or concerns? I have an open door policy, if you ever have any problems please come talk to me first," Frank said.

"Aye, sir," the Chief of Security replied briskly.

Frank stood and shook hands with his new Chief of Security, "Welcome Aboard again Lieutenant, I look forward to working with you."

Oscar shook Frank's hand, firmly, but not too tight. He nodded and gave a curt smile. "As do I, Captain. As do I."


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