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"Arriving by Gryphon Fighter"

Posted on Mon Jul 22nd, 2019 @ 9:48am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky
Edited on on Fri Jul 26th, 2019 @ 7:09am

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: SB 11 Fighter Bay
Timeline: Incidentals Day 1

The flight in the Gryphon was fantastic. She never knew that they could fly that fast and be that nimble. She was floored as they approached the SB 11 hanger deck. So precise and smooth. Tapping the pilot on her shoulder, "Can I get some lessons from you?", Arianna asked.

Yarinna turned and said, "Sure anytime you want. Oh here is my jacket for your captain. As soon as I can get settled I will go meet him", she said smiling. Yarinna handed her the PADD with the information on it.

Arianna took it and looked at her puzzled. " mean to tell me your the new CAG?", she said and nearly fainted.

Yarinna laughed so hard she was almost in tears. "Arianna you are too funny. Poor girl!", she said helping Arianna down from her fighter.

Frank stood at attention in the Officer's Ballroom on deck 17 of the Starbase. Watching a Lieutenant Commander receive his pip to become Commander and his first ship was exhilarating. Frank was almost jealous, there was no pomp or celebration for his promotion. He had submitted a request to go back to space one last time and was shocked to find out his next post was as a Commander on a Nebula Class Starship.

As the Ceremony concluded, Frank lifted his glass in the ceremonial toast before making a tactical retreat to quiet corner. His unlit cigar made it's way to Frank's mouth almost as if it had magically appeared. Glancing out the window he watched a small Gryphon glide into the shuttle bay, dwarfed by the USS Pennsylvania directly opposite of it. He beamed with pride as he looked over his ship.

Watching T'Lisha move off, Arianna went to find her quarters so she could unpack and get settled. This was a huge Nebula class and with all the new modifications being done and those that were completed made it even more thunderous to look at. This was certainly a beautiful lady.

Frank waited until the party had begun, to sneak out unnoticed, being alone was referable to the company of officers he didn't know or desire to know. He stalked through the Promenade chewing his cigar vigorously. He stalked through the ship and went straight to his quarters and pouring himself a cup of whiskey. Frank leaned back and closed his eyes and enjoyed the warmth in his chest from the drink.

Arianna wondered if Frank.was in his quarters or if he was in the party, so she tapped her combadge, "Arianna to Frank, are you still at the gala", she quieried.

"Arianna, I'm in my quarters, I left the gala, come one over when you get settled in," Frank responded.

"Ok Frank be there in a few minutes", Arianna said and closed her com badge. Pulling the clothes from her bag she found the outfit she was looking for. It was a Betazoid outfit she bought on the colony. Blue on blue with gold trim on the top neck piece and around the sleeves and pants legs. It flowed as she walked like satin billowing in the breeze. Putting it on, she looked in the mirror and nodded approvingly and fixed her hair so it fell gently to her shoulders.

Walking down the corridor to the captain's quarters she hit the chime.

“It’s open,” Frank said as he heard the chime. Looking up he was surprised to see Arianna there, she was prettier than he remembered, with a hard swallow he tried to make light of the situation, “Wow, you clean up nice for an engineer,” he said with a grin as walked over to greet her.

"Well yeah considering I came in on the Gryphon with your new CAG officer", she said smiling. "Oh I almost forgot, her transfer orders and jacket. She is a great person. Sweet but she is a go getter. She will sneak up on you and then your dead!", she said laughing.

"We can deal with the formalities tomorrow, I'm hungry," Frank said as he laid his Padd on his desk then exited his office. "Are you in the mood for anything particular? There are a couple of excellent chefs on the Starbase that run small restaurants."

Following him out of his office, "Yes, it may seem funny but I want a steak medium rare, fresh baked potatoe and fresh green beans", she said hungrily. "It has been almost three years since I ate anything like that", Arianna added.

"They grow alot of vegetables in the arboretum, and a steak does sound good," Frank led the way from the ship to the Starbase promenade, "Here we are he said stopping in front of a small restaurant called, "Momma's" he led the way to an empty table in the corner, "Here we are, I promise this place is gonna be some of the best food you'll ever eat, especially if you like home cookin' I like the fried okra, and the country fried steak. Though I usually end up working it off the next morning on one of the holodecks. So Arianna, what was it that brought you out to the Penn? Was it just a chance to go back in space or my charming personality?" Frank teased gently.

Blushing bright red, "Well actually both. See, I really didn't like being confined to a Starbase or a Colony. I guess, being part Klingon has something to do with it. It almost feels like being in a cage like an animal. Klingon's don't like being caged to long in one place. Being out here in space, exploring, fighting for what is right and being free is what I live for. Then there is you, Frank Kamar, my former boss. We were a good team on the planet. We could do just about everything ourselves and I got accustomed to being with you. When you like kinda left a open hole and a loss. I basically lost the best part of the team", Arianna finished. It was a little more than that but she wasn't going to really tell him how she really felt, at least not yet until she was sure.

Frank nodded, "I originally went to Horizon to retire, after being there confined as you say, I had to try to get to space one more time, and here we are. I do think we made a great team, and I look forward to working more with you in the future." Frank had truly enjoyed working with the young woman, she was a brilliant, driven engineer, and he was near the twilight of his career as hers was peaking.

Frank changed the subject back to work with a shake of his head. "So the refit crew told me the engines would be ready for inspection tomorrow before we sign and accept responsibility for them, I'd like you to give them a once over just to make sure they're not leaving us a mess, I know how particular you can be about the engineering details."

"Good! This way I can make sure we don't get lemons for engines. I have had one misfortune with one ship and her engines go south right after we launched. Since then I made damn sure they get a visual inspection by myself", Atianna said smiling.

"The plan is to take it out for a day, to test the engines, test weapons, and other emergency systems, then return to the Starbase to fix any discrepancies. I want to make sure nothing happens when we hit the catapult to go to Iota," Frank said as he chewed his cigar.

"Frank your chewing your cigar which means your thinking like your old self in engineering dear", she laughed until the word 'Catapult' sank in....."Catapult? What the hell is a Catapult? Frank you mean slingshot?", Arianna said flabbergasted.

"Ha" Frank laughed aloud,"Catapult or Slingshot, whatever it is there's to many variables in play, I want to make sure we are ready for this thing. I want nothing to go wrong, I want to complete my mission, then retire into the sunset, I don't want this to go bad. either way we still have a lot of work to do."

"Fine Frank but what the hell is this catapult thing your talking about? This is news to me!", Arianna said. Truthfully she had heard it mentioned in passing but had absolutely no idea what it was or what it looked like.

"It's a graviton catapult it propels spacecraft across space. The power core of the catapult generates a massive graviton surge that locks onto a ship through an array of projectors. So Catapult or Slingshot, either way the ship is pushed to the limits, thats why I want you to double and triple check everything," Frank replied cautiously.

Arianna was next to having kittens! "Are they MAD? Sweet Kahless! Have you any idea what one little........oh my.......Frank if the SIF are not strengthened 10 fold and shielding on the hull especially the nacelle pylons are not reinforced correctly...this thing could tear my lady apart. How stupid can this get? Security better be realljy tight especially in engineering. The minute I even think sabotage or I see a red light I am closing down the core", Arianna said shaking her head. "I will not put this ship in jeopardy just to get somewhere fast", she added.

Frank smiled at Arianna as he replied, "I know this is why I have you hear now, so you can verify that's all been done properly. If it will make you feel better we can post a coupl of guards outside the engineering department if it will make you feel better."

"That is not the point! This catapult business is untried, and virtually unknown and I don't even know the mechanics of how it works. How sure are you of our crew and staff? Oh Feklar!", Arianna said frustrated. "Frank, I don't mean to question the men and women on the ship would make me sleep better if I had my own handpicked engineering staff. People I trust", she added, looking for his reaction.

"Arianna, you should know better than anyone, the needs of Starfleet come first, we get who we get,"Frank said as pulled his cigar from his pocket, "If you have time to do any recruiting before we leave then try, but the Graviton Catapult has been stable and used multiple times the last couple of years. We will be fine," he said just before his cigar made it to his lips.

"Still with the cigars...when are you going to leave those things alone?", she said laughing at him. "You know from Horizon how I always knew when you were in engineering...those silly stinky cigars", Arianna said pulling out a long silver tune from her pocket and handed it to him. "A gift to you from me. It's a genuine Cuban hand rolled....well you know...", she said smilimg at him.

Frank was about to remind her that it was unlit, until she handed him the silver tube, "Wow thank you so much," he said as he accepted the gift. I will save it for when we safely arrive in Delta. I also have something for you, I hope you like it," Frank said as he handed her a book of Zefram Cochrane's blueprints for his first warp drive. The cover was hardbound with aged leather. "It's a first edition and was mass produced after the alliance with the Vulcans was formed."

Arianna's jaw dropped! Her face went white as the color drained quickly. Finding her voice, "I don't know what to say!", she whispered as she took the book. "It is beautiful. How in the world did you find this.....I mean how did you know?", she said as the color returned to her face. Opening the book she whistled," Oh Kahless, do you know how he constructed the warp drive? It shows you how and .....Oh Frank this is wonderful...thankyou so much", she said suddenly kissing him.....Oh forgive me......I am sorry but...", she said turning bright red in the face.

"I inherited it from an old friend, I figured you'd like it. I just wasn't expecting all that," Frank said with a grin as he touched his lips. "Arianna, if all it takes is a book to get a kiss, I can replicate some more," he teased gently.

"Oh Frank you big ham!", Arianna said laughing. Walking over to his large window, she looked out at them. "You know everytime I look to the stars I begin to wonder if we were meant to be out here exploring other planets", Arianna said. "Being out here is romantic enough for me. There is something about being flying here in the bossom of space. Watching for beautiful spatial nebulas it is almost like being to lookout point with your date.
So romantic and so special it makes you feel young again!" Arianna said dreamily.

“I agree, after I lost June and the baby, if anyone asked I’d always say I was married to Starfleet and her ships were my mistresses. Being out here now about to take my first ship out is like a honeymoon. It doesn’t hurt either that I get to spend it with a pretty lady,” Frank said with a wink.

"Frank! Are you making a pass at me?", Arianna said impishly, running her hand down the side of his jaw.

"I would never Lieutenant Commander Sky, I'm your Captain, it will be inappropriate of me to take advantage of the situation due to my rank," Frank said as he reached and held her hand gently.

"Yes you are my Captain, but underneath that hardened face is a warm, patient, caring, and understanding man", Arianna said as she leaned in and kissed him gently. "I understand about your loss and the fact you have 'married' Starfleet, but if this is your second honeymoon, being up here in the stars, make it be the best thing in your life. Don't shut out your feelings Frank", she said softly.

“Arianna,” Frank said softly, “ I can’t not yet, maybe with time...” Frank trailed off with a tear in his eye. June had been his first true love, his wife and the mother of their unborn child. They had been gone for years but Frank hadn’t gotten over their loss. No one would ever measure up to June. Part of him wanted more than anything to hold Arianna close and enjoy the soft scent of her hair and listen to her gently breath in his ear but it felt wrong at the same time like he was cheating on June. With a deep breath he hung his head and stared at the floor while trying to focus on the present once more.

"Frank, I sense your turmoil and I understand why you are hesitant. I respect the fact that you lost your family and you still feel that loss. Remember this, I will always be here to talk and comfort you when you need. All I ask is don't shut me out. I will always be in your corner", Arianna said. Brushing away the tear, she kissed him lightly and hugged him tightly. Arianna longed to hold him and comfort his sorrow but right now was not the time. Not with the memory of his family still fresh on his mind. He needed to come to her without the guilt and with a
clear conscious and ne honest with himself in his feelings.

"Frank, you know I can sense your emotions and I feel the pain, but I too must be honest with you.....", she said lifting his head so she could look into his eyes, "Since you arrived on the colony and working with you so closely, and now asking me to follow you.....Frank I have feelings for you. When you are ready......I will know. In the meantime we can be together with no strings", Arianna said gazing into his eyes.

“I don’t know if I’m ready Arianna, I haven’t since,” Frank paused a moment, mentally he was arguing himself knowing this was a chance to finally move on, June would have wanted that, but he had carried his grief so long he didn’t know who he would be without it. Arriving at a decision he looked in to Arianna’s eyes and simply said “Yes.”

Smiling, "Frank, believe me, I know you have your family close to your heart and I would never take that away from you. It is also a good thing to begin to live as she would have wanted you to. The only way to do that is to try slowly and be the person you always have been", Arianna said gently. She believed that he was somewhat hesitant and she could understand why. Like most men, the loss of their family, especially their wives, always believe that maybe they were being .....un true to them or feeling that they were cheating. It would take time and patience on her part as well to help him through this turmoil. What he needed right now was an understanding friend and she was going to be just that for the time being.

"Frank, how about we get a drink and relax. You look like you could use one about now", Arianna said.

"Sure Arianna, that sounds good, but I uh need to get back to my quarters, I have an early meeting in the morning. I could walk you back if you like?"

"Sure Frank, that would be just fine. I would like that very much", Arianna said standing. A little sad that their time shared is almost over but happy that they have a good working relationship between them.

Frank held his arm out for Arianna to hold, "I really did enjoy our evening together, maybe we can do it again?"

"Yes, I enjoyed myself imensely Frank. We should do this again very soon. I enjoy being with you", Arianna said as she took his arm in hers.


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