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Why you little...

Posted on Fri Aug 30th, 2019 @ 8:35pm by Lieutenant JG Thegog Grun & Crewman Recruit Frel

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Deck 9: Thegog's Personal Quarters

Thegog is sitting in his room, enjoying a nice Saurian Brandy. He is trying to calm himself down after dealing with people all day by replaying some of his favorite arguments back in his head. As he takes another sip and comes to the crescendo of this particular memory, his door opens and in walks a very gaudily dressed Ferengi.

"What happened to my code. The door should have opened." Frel said as he walked into the room. "Good thing these generic codes are very easy to guess."

"Excuse me. How are you and why are you in my room?" Thegog said after spitting out the brandy from surprise and standing up.

Frel looked around the room. Thegog is not one for decorations, so the room looks as bare as an unoccupied room. "What do you mean, your room. This is my room. Who are you, and how did you change my door code?"

Thegog's nostrils started flaring. "If you don't get out in the next 5 seconds, I will throw you out by your ears."

"Excuse me. That is no way to speak to the official liaison to the Federation and Ferenginar. Who do you think you are, pig man?"

"I am the Chief of Operations aboard this ship. This is my room, and you are trespassing. I don't care if you are the liaison or not. You can not just barge into someone else's room."

Frel looked around again. "If this is your room, you must not have been here very long. You hadn't even unpacked and decorated."

"What do you mean. I have unpacked. And I decorated." Thegog walked over to a barren shelf and picked up a tiny trinket, no bigger than his thumb.

Frel chuckled. "A man is only worth the sum of his possessions." He paused. "Clearly I can see your worth."

Thegog's eyes started to almost glow a fierce shade of anger red. "How dare you come into my room and insult me."

"Look, if this was your room, then that would be rude of me, but this is my room. I know, because they told me my room was deck 8 number 26. Though I did request the VIP Quarters. Clearly the Federation has a different concept of what it means to be a VIP."

"You fool. This is deck 9 number 26. Your on the wrong level, and in MY room."

Frel started heading towards the door. "No, clearly, since you are COO, you hacked my code, and came in here for some sort of sick joke at my expense. I will tell you that I am extremely offended. The Captain will be hearing about this immediately. I am a diplomat. Do you have any idea how this one incident could ruin the relationship between my people and the Federation? All because of a sick joke. When we declare war, you can rest assured that it will all be because of you and your actions here today. The second I..." At that point Frel had stepped outside the quarters and looked at the sign on the wall outside the room stating the deck and room number.

He started to chuckle. "Well, will you look at that, this is deck 9. I must have gotten off on the wrong level. That's weird, I could have sworn I said deck 8." He started to walk away, not noticing Thegog approaching him. "It must have been that ensign that was on the turbolift. I thought she was getting off on the same deck as me, so I followed her. Well, that's what I get for following a female. I will not make that mistake again." He continued to talk to himself as he walked down the hall turned a corner out of sight and earshot of Thegog.

"Excuse me. You owe me an apology." Thegog said to the empty hall. His blood, at this point, was boiling super high, even for a Tellerite. He turned around, walked back into his room, sat down and grabbed his Brandy. Trying to calm himself down again with some of his favorite arguments, he found his thoughts could not get off the dammed Ferengi, and therefor we could not calm down.

Almost giving up he slammed his glass down on the table a little too hard and it exploded into a dozen pieces and the brandy spilled everywhere. "If I see that runt again, I swear I will make him hurt."


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