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Getting oriented

Posted on Fri Oct 4th, 2019 @ 6:53pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: S1 EP02 Day 1 Afternoon

James rushed quickly from the Shuttle Bay to the nearest turbolift. He left the bulk of his belongings in the shuttle. He knew some of the crewmen would either move them to his quarters or leave it in a pile in the shuttle bay. Either way, he could find it all later. He did not need to waist minutes getting that put away, right now he needed to report in.

"Bridge." James waited as the turbolift hummed to life. He was always a little nervous meeting new people and new crews. Showing up a solid day late was not the impression he was trying to make. Since the ship was underway, and it was mid shift, James figured the Captain would be in his ready room. When the lift halted he quickly made his way to the door and pressed the bell.

Frank looked up from reading the latest security dispatches. He was not expecting anyone so he knew it must be important. Setting his unlit cigar on his desk he looked at the door. "Enter" he commanded, and watched the doors open to reveal a new face. Frank stood and sized the man up. He breathed a bit heavy but that could just be nerves. Looking at the uniform he said, "Come in Lieutenant, What can I do for you?"

James walked in and set his bags down once he cleared the doorway and came to attention. "Chief Medical Officer Lt James Trallos reporting for duty sir. Apologies for missing the ship at Starbase 11. My shuttle had to make an unexpected diversion and had to catch a lift on the Sundancer to get here."

"Welcome Aboard, Lieutenant," Frank said and reached to shake his hand. "At ease sir, would you like a drink?"

James shook hands happily. "I'd gladly take a drink Captain. That Graviton catapult was quite the ride. With all the travel, I'm ready to settle in and call the Pennsylvania home."

"Help yourself the replicator is there by the desk" Frank said as he picked up his mug of Black Coffee and sat on a lounge chair. "So how long have you been here in the Delta, Doc?"

"The simple answer to that is about three hours." James walked over to the replicator and checked what time it was. "Make that four hours. Coffee, black, hot." The replicator hummed to life and a cup of hot coffee generated below. "I had to shuttle over once the Sundancer decelerated. They did not want to use the transporter until they could confirm the systems were not damaged by the trip."

"That makes sense," Frank began. "So the Penny has just completed her refit and now we are here, our mission moving forward is to begin exploring the Delta Quadrant and attempting to map more of the quadrant. So you have come aboard at the perfect time. I have to admit I was nervous when Starfleet sent us out here without a Doc, but I'm glad that has been resolved."

"That would be surprising. I just assumed someone else took the office. Speaking off the office, any medical problems while I was gone that need to be addressed?" James asked taking a drink off his coffee.

"None sir, there have been no medical needs that couldn't be resolved by the nurse on staff. There have been quite a few officers report onboard before your arrival. I'd like you to review their medical records and make sure everything is up to date." Frank stroked his beard as he spoke, "What kind of medical experience do you have?"

"I can certainly do that for you Captain. Experience wise I graduated with honors from Starfleet Medical. I did four years of residency at San Francisco hospital, and then an additional four years specializing in emergency/trauma medicine. After that, I started my duty on the USS Bajor and served two five year tours. I've been involved with what feels like everything from general practice to combat/mass casualty medicine."

"It sounds like you've definitely got some experience, I believe it will come in handy as we travel these unknown parts. I'm going to shoot straight with you Doc, I'm honestly not sure where events here are going to lead but I do hope you're as good as you're insinuating. The lives of the men and women may very well rest in your in hands. I just ask that you are honest with me, no matter what the situation," Frank said seriously. "I value a man who can rise to the challenge and not buckle under stress."

James reached out to shake hands. "Captain, that is one thing you can count on me for, is to tell it like it is. I don't believe in sugar coating bad news. If you had a serious medical condition I'd tell it to you right away and as is. You won't get treatment if I were to downplay the seriousness of it." He paused for a moment.

"As to buckling, I hope I don't have to prove that to you and this is the most dull trip either of us have been on. If it turns out not to be, well, know I'll pull out every trick in my medical bag and make a few up to make sure every man and woman makes it back home."

"Are there any questions that you'd like answered Doc? I know there's probably a good deal of work ahead of you."

"Not at the moment Captain. I'm sure you've got a lot on your plate as it is. If you need anything I'll be in Sickbay but I do make house calls. Thanks for the coffee. I am looking forward to the journey together."

"Sounds like a plan Doc, I look forward to working with you. I'd recommend visiting the XO once you get settled in,"Frank said as he stood to shake hands with the young Lieutenant.

"Can do Captain. I'll check in as soon as I get these bags out of your ready room." James shook the Captains hand and picked up his bags. Time to make his way to Sickbay and get settled in.

Frank nodded and watched the Doc leave, he liked the kid and thought he would be an excellent fit on the Pennsylvania.


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