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In for a "Pennsy" in for a pound.

Posted on Thu Oct 3rd, 2019 @ 9:04am by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: USS Sundancer

The long journey was finally coming to an end. James enjoyed travel, he better being in Starfleet, but shuttle to shuttle jumping was getting a little tiresome. His shuttle was about to come out of warp near Starbase 11 where he was to meet up with the Pennsylvania a day earlier.

His shuttle was diverted by a distress call from a Ferangi freighter. A small breach in the reactors caused a radiation leak. The leak was fixed but they did not have the medical supplies to treat the radiation sickness some of the crew had.

In a quick com with the Captain of the ship they discovered that he had sold all of his medical supplies to a small colony for a healthy profit while delivering "perfectly legitimate cargo" to a near by system. James had all he needed for treatment in his travel med kit and being reminded of his oath, he had the shuttle pilot divert, which put him a day late on his arrival.

"We're coming out of warp in a moment lieutenant."

"Thanks ensign. I never get tired of seeing a Starbase in orbit." James replied and took a seat in the copilot chair. A moment later, James was taking in the blue and white lights of a Starbase against the black background of space. It still made him smile at the simple and elegant beautiful of it all.

"Sir, I checked in with Starbase 11. They have new orders for you Sir." The pilot stated and moved them over to a reader screen.
LT JG James Trallos, M.D. USS Pennsylvania has departed. You are ro go to the graviton catapult and transport to the USS Sundancer. She will take you to the Delta Quadrant where you will rendezvous with the Pennsylvania."

A short trip to the Graviton catapult and James was beamed over to the Sundancer, who was on station waiting for their final piece of cargo, him. The launch went smooth, at least for the ship. A sudden bout of nausea as the ship went to mind breaking speed got him and most of the crew. Everyone threw up almost in unison. It reminded him of a wild night at Med school.

The remaining three days went smoothly. Deceleration was much easier than. The sudden fling of the catapult. The Sundancer arrived at the lots system where the crew helped load a small shuttle of extra supplies he had requested for sickbay. They did not want to use the transporter until they could do a full system check and make sure nothing happened in transit. The shuttle lifted off and slowly made its way toward the Pennsylvania.

James did not mind this shuttle ride. They approached from the port side. He loved seeing the shapely curves of the Nebula class and how the local sun shinned off the hull. He would have missed this view if he was beamed over. This was it, this was home for a long time, and he was thrilled.


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