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Change of Duties

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 9:33pm by Lieutenant JG Cyrin Xanth & Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Deck 4, Shuttle Maintenance Bay
Timeline: Transit to the Delta Quadrant

"Alright, now that we have the outer casing removed, we can get to the plasma injector," Cyrin hovered over the heads of a pair of crewman that looked even young than he did that had a half-disassembled nacelle in front of them from one of the Type 8 shuttles. The lights were comfortably low in the small maintenance room just off the main shuttle bay, but small spotlights focused in on the nacelles provided illumination where it was needed. A sort of trick he'd learn to help him relax, and his team could definitely use a chance to relax into a routine. Things had been going a bit more smoothly now that the entire department wasn't in a rush to get everything ready for departure.

Cyrin looked like a proud mother hen as he watched quietly over the enlisted pair that began to purge the system without him having to remind them. It had been really hard on everyone, his sudden arrival just a day before they were to set out to the Delta Quadrant, coming in on high-speed transport just in time it appeared. Now, with the CONN locked down for the voyage itself, it was a chance for Cyrin to do the officer bit - get to know his staff, see what they could do, what they needed help with, so he could put together a plan moving forward. The rest of the flight staff might get a nice routine here soon, but he certainly wouldn't!

Not for the first time, Cyrin had more than a passing thought about all of this. Being a pilot hadn't been his idea, that had come from his dad, most insistently as he remembered it, and while Cyrin couldn't deny he enjoyed the rush that flying 3,309,000 metric tonnes brought he still wasn't sure about it. "Watch the bridge to the coils as you disengage the injectors," he cautioned as the disassembly continued. Sure, he loved to fly, but sometimes even that didn't feel like enough. Maybe he was still getting used to being Joined, but that was eight years ago now! "Good job. And now we can scrub! No groaning, put your backs into it and we'll be done in no time, you'll see-" Cyrin cut off as the doors to the bay opened, spilled bright light on them.

Frank stepped into the bay and walked to Xanth, "Could we meet in your office sir? I'd like to speak with you." Most Captains would make their officers come to them, Frank preferred to be more of a mobile leader. He enjoyed walking the halls of his ship and speaking with his crew. He had been reviewing some service records and had noticed some things in Xanth's that he wished to discuss.

Uh oh. Cyrin had started to smile at the Commander as he recognised the boss man, but the grin slid off his face when the man spoke. 'I'd like to speak with you.' In Cyrin's experience it was never a good sign when one of his superiors said that. "Yes, sir," he tried to make his voice sound chipper. With a glance down at the pair of enlisted, Cyrin added, "Alright, you've earned a breather. Finish scrubbing the injector ports, make sure to double check the coils for any leakage. Go enjoy yourselves for a bit and I'll be back later for reassembly." I hope...

He gestured for Kamar to lead the way towards the door, and kept pace at the commander's side just a step back as they walked. "They're doing a really good job, Captain," Cyrin offered a bit nervously.

Frank chuckled slightly as he saw Xanth tense up, "At Ease Lieutenant, your department is doing an excellent job." He walked to the small office and shut the door. "I saw in your records that you excelled in science and flight. What would you think about doing more work in the science department?

"Really?" Cyrin's worry turned to surprise in an instant. This was definitely not what he'd been expecting. As they reached the doors to CFCO's small office nearby he let the commander precede him. "I mean, I'd be very glad to, sir. Science is..." Cyrin wasn't sure exactly how to explain it, but the cautious joy on his face should be enough to show much it meant to him at least.

“I want to start cross training some of the bridge officers to be able to stand multiple stations and watches. I assumed with your flight and science background that you’d be the first to begin. If it works well I may get our Ops Officer to train with you on Helm control.”

"That sounds like a great idea, Captain!" Cyrin hadn't even bothered to sit down, bounced on his feet as he talked with too much excitement to be still. "I'd love a chance to help out in Science. Out here in the Delta Quadrant, there's going to be so much we've never seen before, you know? Mysteries we're going to be the first people from the Federation to uncover..." The Trill trailed off, realised how fast he'd been talking and corny it all sounded to say out loud, then took a deep breath.

"And I'll be glad to help Thegog learn to fly, of course," this time the pilot's smile was something a lot more mischievous. Something about that seemed to say he was going to enjoy that almost as much as getting some lab time in.

"I am impressed by the enthusiasm Lieutenant, I will let Lieutenant North know that we will begin cross training. I to hope that we do find some new discoveries out here. I do enjoy a good puzzle," Frank replied. "As far as Grun piloting, let's take that slow, I will send a notice to the bridge staff about cross training and see who voluntarily opts in."

"Thank you, Captain, I look forward to it," Cryin answered, then thought to offer some social niceties. It wasn't every day that one's CO came to his office instead of the other way around. The room was completely spartan except for a computer on the desk and an unopened box in a corner he hadn't had time to unpack yet. "Can I get you anything, sir? I was thinking of switching to raktajino."

“No thank, Xanth” Frank replied, trying to use the Lieutenants name instead of rank. “I have to stop off in a couple of departments before returning to the bridge. Is there anything I can do for you or your department while I’m here?”

"No, sir, I think everything is still a little new for just about everyone right now," he said. What he thought was that there hadn't been enough time yet for anyone to come up with any valid complaints so far, besides a few confused whispers that their chief was a lower rank than the assistant he was trying to squash. Given enough time he was sure he'd come up with something himself! "I'll keep you informed if anything changes. I should probably get back to those crewman anyways before they wind up burning themselves with drive plasma or something."

Frank nodded as he listened, “I will check in again soon, if anything changes, let me know Lieutenant Xanth, and thank you for your time.” Frank walked away from the Lieutenant and glanced over a shuttle craft as he walked away. He was quite impressed with the cleanliness of the shuttles and their work area.

Despite the probably low risk of injury, Cyrin stayed in his office for a moment and let the doors close. "Phew." Part of him was elated - this was wonderful, a chance to put his scientific training to use was always welcome. Another part of him felt uneasy, the same part that had been growing since his sudden transfer and orders to the other side of the galaxy. It was going to take time to figure this all out.


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