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Trading Favors

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 10:23pm by Lieutenant JG Cyrin Xanth & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Deck 12, Sickbay
Timeline: S1 EP02 Day 1 Late Afternoon


The doors to the quiet sickbay opened to allow an anti-grav trolley to push its way through, followed by a white-collared pilot guiding the contraption. There were plastic creates stacked rather high, the mass caused the trolley to ride low in the air, each marked with small stickers with identifying numbers and emblazoned with the symbol of Starfleet Medical. The PADD in his hand held the inventory records.

Cyrin stopped their progress roughly in the center of the sickbay, and looked around for anyone he could foist all this work off to, "Afternoon?"

James peaked around the corner glass of the office. He was organizing a side table of books he was hoping to use for reference in the event a new species needed medical aid. He walked out of the office and noticed the trolley.

"Oh thank you Lieutenant, I forgot the shuttle brought the extra supplies. I was running late getting to the Captain to check in I forgot to make sure they got here. I'm the new Chief Medical Officer James Trallos." He said reaching out his hand.

"Glad to help, Doctor Trallos," Cyrin shook the man's hand and perhaps a bit too eagerly handed over the PADD that came with the delivery too. The Trill definitely wanted to be done with it, he'd done enough inventorying recently to last him a good while. "And nice to meet you too. I was on my way up from the shuttle bay so I figured I'd stop in really quick."

"Well that was very kind and helpful." James looked over the PADD. "Yup, that is all of it. I can unload that later. I hope I didn't take you too far out of your way with all of this." He said gesturing to the stack of crates.

"No, no, not a problem" Cyrin tried to deny any trouble. He could've sent one of his staff to handle the delivery for Medical, but he was trying to meet everyone. "I'm Cryin Xanth, chief helmsman. I guess as I was the last of the senior staff to join before we left the Alpha Quadrant, and now you're the first to arrive since, some hellos were in order. Glad to have you with us, Doctor. What brings you all the way out here?"

"Nice to meet you, I appreciate the welcome. I was hopping to get somewhere with some old Starfleet exploring. With one war after another it seemed I was hopping for an assignment less direct combat or enforcement and more research, exploration and discovery. I think my old mentor pulled some strings without telling me because my next assignment was here, pretty much everything is new here." James smiled at the memory. He picked up a padd and skimmed through a list of names.

"I see your name is up on my list of crew and officers I need to do an annual checkup on since this is a long term mission. If you've got time I can get you worked up and we'll be done. Option is yours though since you came to see me and say Hi. Usually when I get to say hi it is not under as pleasant of circumstances, so I you'd rather a cup of coffee and a chat, we can do the exam later." James offered.

Coffee. Cyrin's hand twitched a bit. He'd been drinking too much of that since he'd come on board, and he was already a bit wired naturally. But the man was giving him an easy way out to delay, just like Cyrin would want of course. Hard choices. "Coffee sounds good, actually," he grinned and rubbed his hands together. "And I have some time to spare, if you're not busy of course." Why pass up a free pass from the Doc to dodge the physical for now?

"Have you seen a lot of action then?" He asked curiously as his own time served, little as it was, had been peaceful overall. "Where've you served?"

"Come on into my office and have a chair. I've seen some action yes. Cardassian space was a majority of the patrol area. Minor skirmish here and there but never in a large scale battle. When a Galaxy class warps in, people suddenly aren't as combative and are more willing to talk. I've seen my share of wounded though. Usually people just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What about you? Tell me a little about yourself, liek how you like your coffee?" James joked and replicated himself a black coffee.

"Double-strong hazelnut roast, black," Cyrin smiled a bit wider this time. Usually people didn't ask and usually he just drank whatever coffee was available. "Thank you!" The pilot sprawled into one of the seats in front of the desk and nodded some understanding, "My homeworld isn't very far from Cardassian space, I've met a few. Can only imagine the look on their faces. Galaxy Class?" By his tone, Cyrin was very impressed. "I'm coming from the Berlin. Good ol' Excelsior Class, but she's still tough. Beta Quadrant, for the most part."

"A good class. Time tested and still in service. Speaks alot about her design. I was on the Bajor. So how does the Pennsylvania handle? I'm always amazed how anyone can fly something this big and make it look so easy."

"Oooh, she's a brick," Cyrin said with a laugh. "Not quite as big as your last, but definitely the most massive thing I've ever flown." The joke sounded just a little forced, and his mirth faded quick. "Anyways, the Penny isn't all that bad. Let's hope we don't get to find out how well I do with a cruiser this size in a tight spot for a long, long time." He raised a mug in salute.

James raised his mug back. "You don't have to worry about me tempting you to see if we can slide in and put of any astroid belt. I always felt that it's space, we shouldn't have to get too close to anything. Thinking of space," James looked out the window at the stack of supplies. "Thanks again for bringing all those supplies up. If you need any help with anything feel free to ask. Everything going ok for you"

"Oh, way could arrange something, such as making sure everyone on my team that needs to update their records with you get's in fast? Will definitely help me with updating their paperwork and reviews." Cyrin enjoyed the brew and shrugged slightly, "I gotta admit, I was a bit surprised to get this assignment. You could say..." He trailed off to choose his words carefully. "Starfleet isn't punishing me, but piloting a ship like this out in the Delta Quadrant. Don't get me wrong, I'll do the job, but it wouldn't exactly have been my first choice."

James laughed. " I can arrange that. Do you think you can't get yourself and most of your team in Sickbay by 0900 tomorrow? I'll have a nurse with me and we should be able to get all of you done in no time flat and I'll have you back at the helm before the Captain is ready take us whenever his course takes us."

A small sacrifice, to get through his own physical, but if it mean that Flight Control was first cleared it would reflect well. "I'll make sure they're all here at 0900 exactly, if I have to roll them out of their beds myself. But," Cyrin paused to finish off his coffee, sighed appreciatively, then set down the mug, "that's a whole lot of work you've just volunteered for - you know how pilots can be even when they've had their sleep and coffee. How about we get those supplies put away, and then I'll be on my way. Then we'll call it even."

"Ha, you have a point. I'll gladly take the help and I'll make sure it's all as painless as possible. Thanks for the help again. And don't forget Cyrin, they didn't throw a dart and pick you to fly this ship. You put in your dues and showed your metal. They wouldn't put just anyone behind the controls of this ship going into the unknown, you were selected by someone who believes your the right being for this job. You'll do just fine." James mentioned as he picked up his inventory PADD and tried to figure out where they should start.

Cyrin laughed and tried to play off the reinforcement like it was no big deal, but he still wondered. Sure, he could fly something as big as the Pennsylvania, no problem. He wasn't sure he wanted to maybe. "Let's check the supply cabinets first, make sure some dockhand didn't stack things all the wrong ways before we try fitting more in there, yeah?" Cyrin's grin looked a little pained. "I found that one out the hard way just a couple of days ago. Let me tell you..."


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