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Posted on Thu Oct 31st, 2019 @ 5:27pm by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Lieutenant Thegog Grun & Frel
Edited on on Fri Nov 1st, 2019 @ 6:20am

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


After leaving the Captain's Ready Room Griffith's heads straight for Main Engineering, she entered the lift and when the doors closed "Main Engineering" she said when the doors closed and the lift whisked her down to the main engineering department. After a short spell the doors opened up onto the main engineering, Naomi walked down the corridor and around a corner and straight into Engineering "Commander Sky" she said loudly.

Hearing the Major's voice, Sky's head came up fast banging it on the railing. "Fek'lar! Over here Major", she said as she stood up rubbing her head. "Major what's the problem, sir?", Arianna said.

*smiling* "I have someone who needs some punishment detail, I was thinking about the dirtiest maintenance job you have, I trust there is one?" Griffiths asked.

Arianna's face lit up like a Cheshire cat, "Oh I have the perfect one too, deuterium tank scrubbing", she said laughing

*Smiling* "hold one moment while I call him," she said and tapped her Commbadge =/\= Griffiths to Frel =/\=

They hear tapping and what sounds like someone blowing into a microphone then more tapping. =/\= Hello? who is this? =/\=

=/\= Mr Frel, report to engineering immediately please =/\= Griffiths said.

=/\= Ugh, there again? Fine...Whoever this is. =/\=

"Oh he in some trouble I bet!", Arianna said laughing.

Quietly as she put her hand over the Commbadge "he is, he angered both myself and the Captain, this cannot go without punishment" she responded.

"Major what in the name of Kahless did he do?", Arianna asked. She knew it had to be bad for them to give some unfortunate person the scrubbing job.

After closing the link "He did a serious faux pas and he needs to be humbled, now as a Ferengi he will most likely try to barter and try to get out of it, you cannot allow him to do it" Griffiths said.

Laughing, "Oh...Major don't worry......I don't barter when it comes down to punishment. You screwed up, you do the time", Arianna said still laughing.

Smiling "good to hear" she simply said.

Just then Frel entered Engineering, she looked at him "Mr Frel, you are to be punished, you committed a serious faux pas when in a meeting with us and you must learn your place and I have come up with an ideal punishment for you" Griffiths said oO time for the Ferengi to learn his place Oo she thought to herself.

Frel looked between the two of them and then smiled. "Commander Sky, so nice to see you again." He said her name in a very poignant way as to make it obvious that he had learned the chiefs name. He then turned to the major. "I'm sorry Major, that must have been you on the comm. It's so hard to hear over those things sometimes. May I ask what I did to offend you, and what punishment I will be subject to?"

Arianna was dying laughing inside. oO Impudent rascal Oo she thought. "Nice to see you again Mr Frel", she said smiling.

*grinds her teeth* mentally prays to the Prophets "Mr Frel to put in in basic terms, you screwed up big time, you even screwed up the 33rd rule and you royally upset the Captain and I and an angry marine are not to be trifled with. So from here on out unless there is a need for a Diplomat you will spend time cleaning some of the messiest places in engineering and wherever Commander Sky says to do you will do it until further notice. She leans closer and if you think my ire is bad enough, I would not attempt angering the commander there" she said pointing to Sky.

Arianna looked menacingly at Frel as the Major spoke. Deep inside, however, she was laughing.

Frel looked back and forth between the two of them. A look of concern and almost fear on his face. A moment later, he broke out in a roaring laugh. "I'm sorry Major. I tried to keep it together. That was a good performance. I mean, for a moment there you almost had me. I was going through all the Rules and trying to figure out what I could say to get out of this, but then I remembered something. I don't have to say anything, because I have diplomatic immunity." He turned and started to walk away. then he stopped and turned back. "The funny thing is, if this were a Ferengi ship, I would be scrubbing away, or at the very least, paying someone to scrub for me. But this is a Federation policy. As long as I am serving diplomatically, I can not be persecuted. You could expel me from the ship, but where would you put me way out here? Your precious Federation would consider that inhumane. Besides, what would your higher-ups think of you expelling a diplomat from a friendly species just because I hurt your feelings? Chalk it up to cultural differences."

He walked back and laid on a giant smile. "Thank you, Major. I did not know I was being so offensive. In my culture, I have done nothing wrong. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. I will do my best to not let it happen again, and if it does, please bring it to my attention so I can fix my actions."

"Hold it! Crewman Frel.......where are you going?...... We are not joking. The Major is not finished with you and when she is your wonderful Ferengi ears are mine until further notice! Is that understood?", Arianna growled, staring at Frell.

"MR Frel, get your rear back here now, or I will stick you in the brig for disobeying orders from a superior officer" she ordered.

Watching him turn around, head cocked to one side, Arianna gave a low growl in dismay. He was testing both her's and the Major's patience. "Mr Frel, do you know how to obey a superior's orders? I know with big ears like that you had to hear the Major, right?"

*sighing heavily* "You will get back here Mr Frel NOW!" Griffiths said.

Arianna looked at the Major, then looked at Frel. *shaking her head* "Major, I don't believe he heard you," she said.

Frel looked confused but complied. "But, Major, you are not my superior. I am an Ambassador of the Ferengi Alliance on loan to the federation for diplomatic purposes. In the heat of battle, yes, I will listen and obey. Otherwise, my job here is to study and make sure I know all I can about the Delta Quadrant. How do you think I will be able to do my job if I am down here all day doing menial labour? You are welcome to throw me in the brig. But again, how would I do my job? How will it be seen when my report shows I have been ineffectual just because a Hu-Man had a personal, and unnecessary bias against me. Heck, Hu-Mans have looked down on us Ferengi from day one. You gave us this terrible stereotype of being greedy and underhanded. I feel this punishment is yet an extension to that stereotype."

"Mr Frel, you are wearing the uniform of a Starfleet crewman and that gives us the right to punish you regardless of your so-called stature of Ambassador. Were you titled Ambassador Frel that might have a different meaning but you don't! And until you wear that uniform of an Ambassador you are classified as CREWMAN! Is that understood? Mr Frel?" replied Arianna, again looking at the Major.

*sighing heavily and audibly* "Mr Frel, I am sentencing you to 60 hours penal duty, you will do four hours a day over fifteen days, should special diplomacy be needed you WILL be called upon, but the hours you miss will still be done, the only way you will get off such duty earlier, is if Commander Sky is happy with your work, remember no complaining and behave and it will be done in no time" Griffith's said "as to not being able to do what I am doing, you are serving on a Starfleet ship out in the Delta Quadrant and as for what I think of you Mr Frel, I have no judgement to make, but you have not started well with me, but I do not hate you nor do I like you. Despite this event, you have yet to prove yourself to me. *pause* Of course while officially you are to do no more than four hours a day over fifteen days, if you wish to do extra hours on your own initiative then that will cut down on the number of days you will have to do, but that option is up to you" she paused and looked at Sky.

"Commander Sky see that he does the set duty hours if he wishes to do extra I have no objections if he is needed for diplomatic duties he is to be released to do them regardless, otherwise he is all yours," Griffiths said.

"Understood Major," Arianna said, *looking st Frel* "Well Mr Frel it looks like your mine for the next 4 hours," she said grinning.

With that Griffiths left the Ferengi in the hands of the Chief Engineer as she had other tasks to do.

Frel opened his mouth to complain, but the Major was gone before he had the chance. He looked back at the smiling Klingon and decided not to press his luck. This time. "May I at least go change? This is one of my favourite jackets."



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