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Does it hurt?

Posted on Wed Oct 30th, 2019 @ 2:24pm by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Lieutenant Thegog Grun

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Sickbay

James looked over his PADD. He marked a number of people off his list. He was satisfied on how quickly he was getting through the crew physicals. A few delays, but over all everyone was reporting in and just getting it over with. He glanced at the next officer on his list. Lieutenant Grun.

=/\= Lieutenant Grun, please report to sickbay. =/\=

The only response the doctor received was a grunt and some mumbling about a waste of time. A few minutes later Thegog walked into Sickbay. "Hello doctor, what can I do for you?" He said hoping this visit wasn't for what he assumed it was.

"Looks like we did not get your physical done prior to leaving Starbase 11. Have a quick few minutes? Shouldn't take long." James asked.

This was exactly what he was hoping it wouldn't be. "I'm sorry Doctor, but I am a very busy man. I am in peak health, and this is not necessary, I assure you. Now if you'll excuse me..."

"Ha, not an option Lieutenant. You are one of the last I need to have a physical done with. If you are in as peak of health as you say you are, this should be a breeze and I'll have you out the door in a matter of a few minutes. Would you kindly?" James asked as he motioned to the biobed.

There was more of that grumbling from the Tellerite as he reluctantly walked over to the bio bed and sat down. "Fine Doctor, but if the ship explodes while I am here, and I could have prevented it. That WILL go in my report."

"Your welcome to that report and I would except full responsibility. I would not be in a position to argue it if that happened." James activated the bed and began some scanning. "So how do you feel? Any problems other then being here in Sickbay?"

"Well Doctor. I am not one to complain, but I do have some aches and pains. My left shoulder has been tender since I twisted it the other day. I think I stubbed my primary foot digit when I got angry at Ensign Kyle and accidentally kicked the bulkhead. It hurts when I do this." He then snapped two of his fingers together and gave a wince.

"But otherwise I'm in perfect health."

James began scanning the indicated shoulder and then paused for a moment, looking a little confused. "Just so I'm following Lieutenant, you kicked a bulkhead and think you injured your primary foot digit because when you do this," James snapped his own fingers " it hurts?"

Thegog looked suspiciously at the Doctor. "You are a real doctor, correct?" He then sighed in frustration. "No, I sprained my digit because I kicked the bulkhead from being angry at Ensign Kyle. On a related, yet completely different issue, it also hurts when I do this." He then snapped again and winced. Angry now at himself for stupidly snapping a second time.

James paused for a moment and looked at Thegog. "Well, that does happen when you impact a bulkhead. On the plus side, the whole situation is probably a better outcome than had you actually kicked the Ensign. Go ahead and take your boot off. I'll get a quick scan of your foot. Might just need a little dermal regeneration and you'll be good to go." James said and moved the regenerator over just in case.

James looked over at the chart on his PADD. "Is that the same foot you nearly lost your whole leg in a warp core explosion?"

He started to take his boot off reluctantly. "Oh that, well, yeah Same leg. But it's not my fault. Ensign Kyle is an imbecile, and like you said, it was better than kicking him."

James took a scan of the injured foot and saw some very minor swelling. "Just a little swelling. I'll do a light treatment with the dermal regenerator, it will only take a minute. As long as you can avoid kicking bulkheads or Ensigns for a day or two you'll be healed up just like that." James said and snapped his fingers. He picked up the regenerator and began treatment.

"Well, let's just make this quick. I am still on duty, and I have so much to do." After a few moments of silence between them. So Doctor, how long you been with Starfleet?

"I just cleared a decade of active service, not counting academy. Most of it was on the Bajor. Prior to Starfleet I was a resident at San Francisco Metro Hospital." James said working the regenerator around. "How about you Lieutenant?" A moment later he clicked off the regenerator and took a final scan. Satisfied, he stood back up.

"Well, I am glad to hear you at least have a decent amount of experience." Thegog snorted.

"Well we can't have first explorers of the Delta Quadrant receiving substandard care. I think you all set Lieutenant. I've kept you away from your duties long enough. I'd avoid kicking objects or people for a day, preferably two and then you'll be all set."

Thegog wiggled his digits. With a unusual moment of sincerity. "Thank you Doctor, that actually feels better." Snapping back into his usual self. "I guess you are not quite as imcompetant as I expected."

He then put his boots back on, stood, nodded at the Doctor and walked out.

James chuckled to himself as watched him leave. He liked Thegog. This was going to be an interesting voyage for sure.


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