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Enemies Among Us

Posted on Tue Oct 22nd, 2019 @ 12:17am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Thegog Grun & Lieutenant Tree Woods

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Ready Room


Frank sat in his chair and watched the other three officers arrive, the Padd containing Lieutenant Vladinichi's last security report lay on his desk. He had read the report so many times that he had it practically memorized, it haunted him that this was the Lieutenant's last action aboard the Penn. A security report about a possible saboteur. The loss had bothered him but Frank knew he had to push forward.

As Thegog entered, he sat down with a less than excited look on his face. He nodded at the Commander and sat silently.

Tree entered next, carrying a padd and a very tired look on her features. Still, she maintained an air of professionalism as she sat down next to Thegog.

Arianna arrived with a distraught face. The death of the Chief Security officer hit hard. The Hirogen had no good reason the kill other than for sport and that rattled her.

Griffiths arrived with a Padd and a mug of tea, being a combat veteran the death of the Security Chief while sad did not affect her like it the others, she took it as a hostile act against her, but unlike the others it was just another death and that was what she had dealt with since joining the Marines.

"Greetings everyone, how are you all coping with the loss of the Security Chief?" Griffiths asked.

"Muddling through it Major," Commander Kamar replied.

Smiling "I am sure that you will Lieutenant, you have a tough act to follow, we should arrange a meeting so as we can integrate the Marines into Security and make SAR and Hazard Teams out of them," she said.

"Hm? Sure, we can do that. Just - give me a day or so to wrap my head around the security department in general. I've only been on the ship a few days and don't know nearly everyone yet." Tree looked tired but offered a small smile.

*nodding* "Understood on the Lieutenant" Griffiths responded.

After they had all seated, Frank spoke to his officers, "First let me say I know it's only been a day since Lieutenant Vladinichi's passing but unfortunately this needs to be dealt with. Lieutenant Tree thanks for joining us under the circumstances, I will do my best to catch everyone up. Since leaving Starbase 11 we have had a couple of anomalies, including losing gravity on the bridge during the Graviton Transit. I asked Vladinichi to investigate the possibility of a saboteur. He sent this report yesterday morning, and I did not get a chance to discuss it with him further. According to the report, there were three members of the crew at separate terminals that had the capability to perform the deed. Once comes from operations and the other two are from engineering."

"Woods, Sir." Beat. "Lieutenant Woods." she looked up at Frank. "Unfortunately I haven't yet had the chance to look more closely at Lieutenant Vladinichi's notes. I'm having trouble accessing them and been very busy with the paperwork of taking over the department.

Frank pinched the bridge of his nose and rubbed below his eyes, “My apologies Lieutenant Woods, it’s been a long 24 hours. I think we can get the permissions fixed after this meeting. I will elevate your permissions and have the computer give you a copy of Vladinchi’s reports.”

"From my department? How sure was Oscar captain?", Arianna said. For someone in her department being suspected of sabotage was totally dishonest and cowardly. Now she would have to watch her people that she trusted her very career on. This was not good in her eyes. "I can't believe it. A saboteur in my department? That unheard of", angrily snarling clearly agitated.

Looking up at Arianna "Commander, it is my experience to expect the unexpected, the fact that there is a suspected Saboteur no longer surprises me, there are entities that want to see Starfleet fall *she looks at the new CoS* you will need to increase security in all departments" she paused and looked at the Captain "Captain perhaps security ID badges could be issued I know it is not foolproof, but it will hinder the saboteur" Griffiths said.

“That’s a good idea Major, but maybe a bit hasty. If we are hyper-aware we can maybe catch them in the act."

Tree had her fingers steepled, a thoughtful expression on her features. "I would rather wait until I've had a good look at Vladinichi's notes before heightening security anywhere." she offered. "I'm new to the department and the ship, so I don't know my people very well yet, and increasing security could spook the saboteurs, making them lay low." Beat. "I'll do as told of course, but my own position is, we hold off on showing our hand, for now."

"There are currently three suspects as I said previously, Ensign Tyvek from Operations, Ensign Ba'Tellik, and Lieutenant Fitzgerald both from engineering. I am making you aware so they can be monitored. Do not give them any orders outside of their normal duties, I want to catch them when they slip up and make a mistake," Frank continue, "I will also make their service records available to each of you."

"That'll be vey useful." Tree mused, leaning back in her chair. "Tyvek, Ba'Tellik and Fitzgerald. I'll at least have their movements and activities logged by the computer, see what I can find normally."

"No wonder Ba'Tellik is so buddy buddy with Fitzgerald. They have been hanging with each other in engineering since we came into the DQ. I will have to keep tabs on them now", Arianna said with a raised eyebrow.

"That is not surprising. I never trusted Tyvek. He's always looking at me in that way he looks at people, you know? You give me 10 minutes in a room alone with him, and I will have him confessing." Thegog said with a snort.

"I - .. recommend against that." Tree quirked a brow at Thegog. "If they're working together, pressuring one will alert the others. We need to nab them at the same time, and only when we're sure they're not working with anyone else we don't know about yet."

"Like I said this is all preliminary. During the loss of gravity in the Graviton transit these three were all accessing terminals that could have shut down the system. Unfortunately whoever did it covered their tracks in the logs and Vladinichi had to use surveillance footage. Now then I want each of you to watch your departments, respectively and pay attention to things out of the ordinary. If you see or hear anything suspicious report it to Lieutenant Woods right away. Any further questions?" Commander Kamar asked.

"No questions, Sir." Tree still wasn't sure how to feel about this commander. She still hadn't had much time spent around him and was still trying to find her footing around her. All the complications around this posting post their arrival in the Delta Quadrant didn't help either. But so far he seemed a fair commander with a good head on his shoulders and a magnificent beard attached to said head, and she could get along with that.

Thegog stood up. "You can count on me. I will watch Tyvek like a Groll. If I see anything odd, I will note it and send it along."

"I will keep tags on both in engineering. I might decide to have security monitors put in key places but under cover as they say. Wouldn't want them to realize they are being watched", said Arianna.

Griffiths simply nodded, she was quickly developing the style of only speaking when she had something to say "Logical and sound idea and tactics" so she did have something to say after all!

"If no one else has anything to add, we will consider this meeting concluded," Captain Kamar stated.



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