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Posted on Wed Oct 30th, 2019 @ 9:39am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Tree Woods & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Tomman Tyvan

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Sick Bay

[Sick Bay]

Frank returned to the sickbay after contacting the Major and Lieutenant Woods. Depending on what they found he would most likely end up involving the new Intelligence Chief too, but the Captain didn't want to intimidate the poor man to badly. The Doc reported a short time ago that the man had awoken, so Frank had gone there immediately. "Doctor Trallos, I do hope you have some good news, " Frank said as he walked over to the doctor.

"I do indeed Captain. The man is awake, coming and going in consciousness but he's improving. My last scans show he's healing nicely. He will still be here a while, but I believe it will be a full recovery. He is awake last I checked so you can talk with him. I would still limit the question time to a shorter duration if you can, but there will be no harm in getting some questions answered."

"Well let's see how this goes," Frank said as he walked towards the bed the man laid in.

James followed the Captain our of his office.

Out in the main ward, Tomman lay still on the biobed, blue eyes stared at the ceiling and his ears strained to hear any conversation. He'd heard a few comments from a doctor he'd barely been able to see through blurred vision as he awoke that had sounded reassuring and hadn't moved much since. Given the extent of injuries when he'd been beamed on board there was still a lot of pain to endure and healing to go through, though the medical expertise of the doctor and the wondrous technology they must have had on hand saved his life. Tomman had been sure he was dead when the Hirogen had captured him. It hurt too much to move, for now, so he waited to find out more of his fate.

Tree Woods came in next, remaining quiet for now. She was here only to observe. She gave a nod to the other security officer present, who took that nod to mean that he could take a break. Wouldn't do to crowd the freshly liberated prisoners.

Frank spoke as he sat down in a chair beside the man's bed, "I'm Captain Kamar, and you're on board my ship Pennsylvania," he paused a moment to see if the man would respond.

As a figure came into his line of sight above him, Tomman couldn't help but gasp slightly. There was definitely recognition on his face, though the two men had never met before. He seemed to focus on the uniform more than anything. "Greetings, Captain," his voice was low, but strained and weak still as he recovered from the shock. "Thank you for the rescue as well...I thought for sure..." He turned his head to the side and winced in pain.

"Take it easy now, don't strain too much. I don't want you to undo the Doc's hard work. I want to discuss some things about the Hirogen vessel you were on. Do you happen to know why they were so close to the Iota System?"

With some effort, the man brought his attention back to Kamar, "I'm sorry, Captain. I don't have much. They attacked my shuttle...I don't know how many days ago now. Iota?" He seemed to struggle, perhaps to recall more details. "I'd heard aliens had taken over that system. Maybe they were coming to scout your defences?"

"Starfleet has taken over the Iota System, it was unoccupied on our arrival. We are using it to begin exploring the area and this was my ship's first run in with Hirogen. Do you have any idea why or what they scanned us with?" the Commander asked.

At the mention of Starfleet there was definitely a noticeable reaction, and Tomman's eyes went wide. "I'm not familiar with Hirogen technology," he admitted and smoothed his features as best as he was able, considering the pain and discomfort he still had. "But there's only one reason why, Captain." He cut off again as his head swum, struggled to remain conscious; whatever medicines they'd inject him with wanted to lure him back to the comforting darkness of sleep. Tomman finished ominously when he could speak again, his voice barely above a whisper, and a weak, trembling hand reached out to clutch at Kamar's jacket as if to drive home the seriousness of what he said.

"They are coming for you."

"Why would they be coming for us? What could they get out of that, except an open war with a fleet far superior to their own?" Tree wondered out loud. "My apologies, I don't know that much about the Hirogen. I know they're prideful, agressive and individually formidable, but isn't their technology a ways behind ours and aren't they fractured?"

James raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders mostly to himself. He did not know much about the Hirogen other then what little medical data he had on them, but Tree made a good point and said more or less what he was thinking.

“Are they allied with someone? Are they just hunting us because we are new to this quadrant?” Frank has many concerns but was afraid they would go unanswered until the man regained his health.

Tomman's eyes turned to the sound of another voice in the room, and he moved his head some to bring the others into a blurry-eyed view. "Why?" he couldn't make out the Security chief exactly, but he did reply. His rough voice sounded amused, in a dry, unfortunate way, "The Hirogen hunt you, because that is who they are." He turned back to the Captain, strength fading quickly, and added, "They hunt you because you are strong, Captain. Because you are worthy prey." He shook his head slightly, "Allied? I...don't know. They call on each other for help when they need to, but other races?" Tomman looked doubtful.

"Hm." Tree frowned. So it was part of their identity. That made them inherently dangerous. "I'll study up on Hirogen tactics and technology. Brief my team. Put together a training regimen."

Kamar listened to the man and turned to the Doctor, "I believe Doctor, we should let him rest. Lieutenant Woods, let's leave them in peace." Frank stood and exited the room, once he was outside he turned to Lieutenant Woods, "Go ahead and work up a threat analysis on the Hirogen, Coordinate with our new Intel officer Kilbane. I will expect to meet with you both in the next 48 hours."

"Was already planning on it, Captain." Tree managed a smile, though it didn't reach her eyes. This was all very concerning to her, nothing about this sat right with her.

"Thank you, Captain," Tomman murmured whether the man was there to hear him still or not, nodded his head. He was tired, but still quipped, "I believe the doctor has another injection coming any time now too - don't trust them, I think they add sedatives just to keep their patients quiet."

"No, no added sedative in these injections. Just a little something to help your pain. A side effect in how banged up you were is drowsiness. So it's an added bonus, but not anything added. Your sleep is your own natural sleep." James spoke as he placed a hypo on his neck and the device gave a soft hiss as the treatment was injected.

"Now speaking of sleep, why don't you take a little nap. It will do your body some good and we have a big day tomorrow. We're going to start getting you walking around again and I want those ribs healed a little more before then. You need anything I'll be around or just grab one of my staff."

No more jokes, Tomman only nodded back and closed his eyes.

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