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Posted on Thu Nov 7th, 2019 @ 8:49am by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


Shortly after leaving engineering Griffiths returns to her quarters and downloads all current communique onto a Padd and heads straight for the Captain's Ready room, after a short journey she arrives outside of the CRR and presses the buzzer, she may have been XO, but she intended to follow protocol.

Kamar sat down with a cup of hot tea and picked up his Padd to review recent messages. He became engrossed in reading the specs of the new scanner, he couldn’t wait to get to the Delta Quadrant and begin exploration. A noise brought him back to the present, “Enter,” he said as watched the XO walk in.

As she entered, "I have some things to put to you Captain and an update on Mr Frel" Griffiths said as she entered the CRR and remained standing until given permission to sit.

“Please sit, Major,” Frank motioned towards an empty chair while sipping his tea. “ What news of Ambassador Frel?”

Taking a seat "well for a non-Starfleet member he is understandably not taking his punishment too well, I have given him a short stint in engineering where he will be under the watchful eye of Commander sky, he will be given some of the dirtiest jobs, I do not think it will knock the wise-ass out of him and in future I do not think such punishment will work, we will have to find another way of punishing him when he does wrong" she paused.

"That is interesting, I wonder he will handle it," Frank responded, "maybe he will learn a lesson in humility."

"Indeed *pulls out Padd* now onto something that I think we should have out here in the DQ, but laying the ground rules is one thing, but I do need your permission to make it official" she added.

"What ground rules do you have in Major?" Frank asked curiously.

Reading off her Padd "creating some QRT and Hazard Teams, the CMO is putting his people through generalised ground training, or cross-departmental training he called it, I thought it was a good idea, but before I can implement these ideas, I need to go through the finer points and how the make-up of these teams are going to look" she said.

"I think it would be excellent, I'd like to involve the Marine's as well. With their weapons training and close-quarters combat skills, they'd make a good asset to augment our security teams."

*smiling* "that is the purpose of cross-departmental training Captain, now the finer points for QRT or Quick Reaction Team should consist of Security and Marines with a medic as part of them. There are two forms of QRT, one is QRT the other is a SAR, now while the QRT will be mainly for ship security the SAR will be for as the name states, and depending on the SAR mission the team should not consist of more than twelve members, with cross-departmental training we can assemble SAR teams as and when needed. As for the QRT units, they should number eight per team, that will be two Security, two Marine, one Medic and one Engineer to combat any sabotage that may be attempted. A final team proposal should be a Hazard Team, this team should be made up of experienced crew, which means their training will be more different and tougher than the QRT, SAR teams as they will be our assault teams. How do these sound Captain? Also, do you have any input to add or any suggested adjustments?" She asked.

"I have nothing to add, honestly I hadn't thought of that. I'd like you to head this up Major since this is more of your area of expertise. I definitely think incorporating the Marines with the Ship's crew will help keep them occupied as well as build cohesiveness as a unit." Frank was pleased with the Major's suggestion and was ready to sign off on its immediate implementation.

*smiling* "well if there is nothing else to add I will leave you in peace and get to sorting these items out, if you could sign this Padd Captain authorising what I mentioned, I shall be on my way to get things in motion," she said holding the Padd to Kamar.

"Sure Major," Frank said as he signed the authorization.

After taking the Padd back she nodded her thanks "I will see you on the bridge Captain" she said and left the CRR to go about her new tasks of getting stuff sorted out. Along the way she made some mental notes on what had to be done and such, a meeting of the Department Heads had to be called so the issues of cross-training could be addressed.



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