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Ebb & Flow (Part 3)

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 @ 5:20pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Commander Yarinna "Fanthom" Hawkins & Lieutenant Thegog Grun & Lieutenant Malik Bancroft & Lieutenant Cyrin Xanth

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Various


Arianna let out a whoop and walked up to both and gave them both a slap on the back. "Congratulations to both of you. You earned those pip's Lieutenants. Quap'la", she added.

Since Chief couldn't consume any of the drinks that had been provided, as he was a hologram and couldn't ingest food. Instead, Chief generated a holographic glass filled with a similar coloured liquid, that way he could at least appear to be taking part in the celebrations. Glass in hand, Chief walked up to the small gathering around the two newly promoted Lieutenants "Indeed, congratulations to you both. While I may only be new to the crew, I have enjoyed working with you both"

Picking up a glass from a nearby table, Kevin slowly walked forward towards the gathering around the newly promoted officers. At an appropriate moment, he added his congratulations to them, raising his glass in salute "Congratulations to both of you on your promotion Lieutenant Xanth and Lieutenant Grun" he said, his eyes flickering momentarily to the missing man table, then back down to the floor in front of himself. Composing his feelings as he looked up again, he added "I hope this celebration brings joy to you both. My deepest and sincerest apologies, but you'll both need to excuse me, I need to return to my office" he finished, bowing slightly to them both.

He turned, and as he did, his eyes once more fell upon the fallen man table. Though he remained as calm as he could, he couldn't get out of the room quick enough.

"Thank you all very much. It is nice to receive the recognition of one's hard work. I know I may be...Difficult to work with sometimes, but it's only because I want and expect the best from myself and everyone around me." Having a moment of humility and kindness, Grun suddenly realized what he was saying and quickly grabbed one of the drinks that seemed customary for any meeting with the Commander, and drank it until he was sufficiently hiding in the glass. Then to divert attention. "Congratulations Lieutenant Xanth. Are you looking forward to your new duties?"

When he could speak again after the laughter that bubbled up from all the congratulations, Thegog's sudden honesty, and just the craziness of the situation, Cyrin nodded and raised his glass he'd snagged to the Tellarite. "Congratulations, Lieutenant Grun. And...yeah, I am, though I'm not sure where to begin. I just finished whipping Flight Control into shape!" He turned to pick out Yarinna from the crowd, catch her eye, and share a smile just with her - he hoped she knew how much he appreciated her. "Thank you, everyone, too," he continued to look back at the others, wondered just where Lieutenant Kilbane had spirited off to, and chat up his shipmates.

James picked up a glass and turned over to the remembrance table, letting the initial assault of congratulations die down a moment before he gave his. He took a moment to appreciate the table as it was set up. The Captain had a good tradition. He just hoped they would not have to repeat it very often. He raised his glass to the table in a final salute to his fallen patients, took a drink and then walked back into the group to congratulate the Lieutenants after they had finished talking.

As conversations shifted in the room, Cyrin stepped away from the cluster around him and Thegog. He could see Doctor Trallos standing off by himself, so made his way over to the man's side. "How are you holding up, Doc?" Cyrin asked quietly, so as not to draw any unwanted attention. It was bittersweet, to have a celebration and memorial together, and he hadn't gotten so wrapped up in himself that he couldn't reason out that some of the crew might have taken Vladinchi and the others' deaths very easily.

James smiled and reached out his hand. "I'm doing pretty good, all things considered. I never like losing patients. I didn't get a chance to meet them before the distress call. I wish I had, but can't always get your wishes. I'm also glad to see you got a promotion! You've got a lot going for you and a bright career." James said giving him a bright and honest smile.

Cyrin nodded his gratitude as he shook the Doctor's hand, "Thank you." A little uncomfortable at the attention all of a sudden, especially when four people were dead, he continued, "I didn't know them very well either, that's still bothering me. I don't want to be standing here again in a month or a year, regretting not knowing someone. Friends, Doctor?"

"I agree. To be honest, I'd rather not be standing here at all the rest of the tour except for more promotions." James smiled and raised his glass to Cyrin. "I'll be glad to be a friend Lieutenant. To friendship."

He lifted his glass, and if his smile was a bit sad, well, the occasion certainly called for it, "Friendship." And as he drank, Cyrin silently agreed: let them never have to meet like this again to say goodbye to one of their own.

Frank lingered for a few minutes to watch the party started, before slipping out to the bridge to relieve Yarinna.

Once Yarinna was relieved, she made her way to the Observation Room. Still in a little shock and the sadness at having lost Oscar. He was a friend and crewmate and it hurt to lose him. She walked into the Observation room and stopped to look at who was there. Yarinna slowly walked over to the missing man table. "We should have been out there to protect you", she said softly and picked up a drink and walked towards the window slowly alone.

As she moved around the room Naomi did not miss the Captain leaving the Observation room and Yarinna entered she sighed heavily, the Captain was not one for parties it would seem. She eventually after feasting on the food also left the room and returned to her quarters.

Arianna saw Yarinna by herself and walked over to her. "Yarinna you look kinda down. Is there anything I can do to ease your pain?", she said.

Yarinna looked at her, "Well not Arianna. I feel like we failed him and we should have been there. But then again you couldn't see what was going on. It's not often that the scanners get fooled. Yet I remember somewhere reading that there were either chemicals or particles that could fool Federation sensors. Not sure where I read it though", she said sadly.

"Really? I am going to have to search the data banks and see if its there. Somehow I remember someone saying something like that but for the life of me I can't remember where", Arianna added.

Arianna could not get it from her mind, "Yarinna gives me a minute I gotta look this up. It is bothering me that I know two particles can mess up our sensors," she said moving off to a terminal in the observation lounge. Yarinna was right behind her, "You sure Arianna?"

"Yes I'm sure," she said as she opened up the terminal and keyed in the query. Arianna was scanning when the terminal beeped. "Bingo! There it goes......actinides: Naturally occurring. Radioactive compounds generally found in uranium ore. Actinides are known to interfere with Federation sensors. Thallium: Naturally occurring. Thallium compound is found in rocks. It interferes with Federation sensors," said the terminal. "Yarinna, now we got something to go on!"

=/\= Arianna to Captain, I got something that might interest you. I found a possible reason for the sensors inability to scan the Hirogen ship", she said.

=/\=Understood, Commander Sky, I will meet with you shortly.=/\=

Malik walked over to where Xanth and Grun were standing. "Congratulations on your promotions. They are well deserved under the current circumstances.

Cyrin turned and bowed his head slightly, "Thank you, Counselor." Whatever formality he attempted was spoiled by a flash of a smile and a subdued laugh. "I'm still a bit surprised, honestly."

"Well I'm sure that you will do fine as the ships new Science Officer." He lifted his glass slightly. "Cheers gentlemen."

"Thank you. It is well deserved." Thegog said back.

[Griffiths' Quarters/Bridge]

After returning to her quarters Naomi changed her uniform grabbed a quick drink and freshened up a little, checked her messages flagging select ones for further looks, the rest she could do on a Padd ready to send at a later date, now she decided to join the Captain on the bridge, it was not her shift, but she could not sleep, so decided to do something useful with her time, she left her quarters and headed to the nearest turbo-lift after grabbing two mugs of Raktijino.

Finally, she stepped out onto the bridge two mugs in hand "Greetings Captain, you don't mind a little company?" she asked walking over to her chair and sitting down and handing one to Kamar "figured you could use the boost" she said.

"Thanks, Major," he said as he accepted the cup. "I could use some company. We are currently at Warp 2 moving out from Iota. Sometimes I think the crew loosens up more without the brass around, so I decided to slip out. Thanks for your help in the pinning ceremony, I think Grun and Xanth are deserving of it."

"So do I Captain. so do I, I have to say that so far this new posting of mine is turning out different than what I expected it is different to commanding a bunch of hard-headed grunts" Griffiths commented.

"I do hope that's a good thing major, though if you are missing time around grunts, we have some hidden around here somewhere," Frank teased.

"Nope I am good, too many days dealing with my kind, it is refreshing to deal with Fleet Personnel it makes one appreciate the finer points of command. I know he upset people, but I find Mr Frel amusing, diplomat or not his actions remind me of someone I once knew" she said chuckling.

Frank nodded and turned back to the viewscreen watching the stars slowly streak past.

Also, turning to watch the stars streak past somehow Naomi was still not fond of too many people being around her, in the open or on some installation bigger than a ship was fine, but there were too many in a small room.



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