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Medical Intelligence?

Posted on Tue Nov 5th, 2019 @ 11:39pm by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Deck 12 - Medical

James tapped through his work station. Everything was in order for physicals, including one. Or at least he thought. He double checked his list against the current crew manifest and noticed he was missing one. Lieutenant Kevin Kilbane, the new Chief Intelligence Officer was the last one on his list/crew to get their annual physical.

=/\=Lieutenant Kilbane, please report to Medical.=/\=

In his office, Kevin was deep into reading an intel file he'd requested regarding USS Voyagers encounters with the Hirogen. He'd requested it to get some background information before he began to read the reports of the USS Pennsylvania's last mission. Suddenly his COMM badge chirruped and a voice came through beckoning him to Medical,

Tapping his badge he replied "Kilbane here, I'll be there shortly, out."

Carefully placing his PADD's in order, he stood up to leave. As he headed towards the doors, he saw Karadis, his assistant, standing there.

A wry smile on her face, she said "You do realise the moment you walk out those doors I'm going to mix up those PADD's into a different order, don't you."

"And you realise that if you do, you're arse will be in a sling in the brig, either that or you'll be cleaning the crud off the hull for a month using just your toothbrush" Kevin replied.

Karadis laughed, it was finally good to see her boss sounding like his old self again. She'd been worried about him the last few weeks, he'd seemed out of sorts, almost distant. She stepped out into the outer office and said "You heading out?"

"Yes, Medical just gave me a shout, it could be something to do with my physical as I've not had it done yet, there again, it could be I'm due a flu jab, who knows" Kevin replied.

"Flu jab?" Karadis asked, not sure what he was talking about.

"Ooooooh, something you don't know Karadis, well, do some research, after all, that's part of what being in Intelligence is about, I'll be back in a bit" Kevin said, almost at the doors. As he got there, they opened before him and he walked out into the corridor.

"Smart arse!" Kardis called after him in regards to his joke.

"Shit for brains!" Kevin called back as the doors closed behind him.

A few minutes later he arrived at Sickbay and entered. "Hello, anyone home?" he called out

James walked out reading a PADD that had the Lieutenants medical file. "Hello, thanks for coming. You must be Lieutenant Kilbane. I'm James Trallos, Chief Medical Officer." He said reaching out his hand.

Kevin took the offered hand and shook it firmly "Yes Lieutenant, I'm Kevin Kilbane, pleased to meet you. I trust my medical files have been transferred here ok?"

"That they did. Everything looked good. Just need to get the annual physical taken care of and I can get you back to your work and I won't have to disrupt your schedule for another year." James said and motioned to a biobed.

Moving across to the biobed, Kevin sat on the edge and replied "That's great, thank you, though, if you could, can you check around my right rib cage, I've got a slightly tight feeling there which has been going on a few days now."

"Yeah, that's not a problem." James said as he began to scan the area. "Do any physical work, have any accident, injure that area or have a big sneeze lately?"

"Yes, no, yes though I didn't injure it personally I was beaten and tortured and no not that I can recall" Kevin replied politely in turn to the questions he was asked.

James looked up and glanced over at a PADD that he set down. "Is getting beaten and/or tortured a regular duty you have in intelligence? I'm afraid I don't know a whole lot about your line of work." He said broadening his scans of the area. Sure enough, various healed fractures, scar tissue and some still in process. He reached over for a dermal and osteostimulator and began some treatment.

"I wouldn't say it's a regular duty Lieutenant" Kevin replied "but it is a hazard risk on any mission. A lot of these injuries I have were 'meted' out to me by members of 'The Collective' by way of them trying to gain information from me about Starfleet operations. I guess being stubborn and hard headed in not being forthcoming with any information for them upset them so they dished out more...insidious ways to try and loosen my tongue" he finished.

"I'll notate an occupational hazard in your file for future doctor reference. I hope this doesn't happen too often." James said looking over his scans. "I don't suppose you collect medical Intel?"

"Thank you Doctor" Kevin replied "and no, not that often. There's the odd fight, hand to hand with or without weapons if the situation warrants it, and sometimes there's phaser really depends on what the mission requires us to do. In regard to medical intelligence, was there something specific you were looking for Sir?" he asked

"Well, doors always open of course but I'm pretty sure neither of us want to take the offer up too often for anybody the reasons you just listed. Far as medical Intelligence goes, nothing specific. We are about to explore the unknown. While the basics of life "generally" function the same, not everything does. Anything on new physiology helps, even how a being dies or what they eat can give at least some insight for an emergency." James began scanning around again. "How long have you been doing intelligence?"

"I more than happy to be able to do that for you Sir, but what I would ask is that you run it by the Captain as well, just so he knows" Kevin answered. He gave a little wince as a slight discomforting pain passed through his lower rib cage "I really must get a contract with Intel HQ that states 'no more fights, just paperwork' " he laughed.

James laughed. "Do you need a doctor's note stating light duty only? I could write you one." James finished his scans and looked at the monitors. "Believe me, I wouldn't need to stretch anything to write it either as your obviously aware."

Kevin smiled as he answered "No, you're fine Doctor, but thank you for offering, it's very much appreciated. I'll just need to make sure I look after myself. Have I passed my MOT so I can carry on duty wise?"

"Well, far as I can tell your good, minus the little repair I did. I'll just take a quick blood sample for analysis and you can be on your way. And Lieutenant, be careful out there but don't be shy to swing by if you need." James said as he drew the blood and sent the man on his way.


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