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Engineering visit

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 1:03am by Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Engineering

James fiddled with a small round communication box and set it back on his desk. This wasn't working the way he thought it would. He was getting frustrated which made him start to talk to himself. "Damn it Jim why isn't this working? Oh yeah, I'm a doctor, not an electrical engineer." He thought for a moment. "Engineer.... Computer, where is Lt. Commander Sky?"

"Commander Sky is located in Main Engineering."

James hung up his lab coat. He may not be any kind of engineer, but he knew where he could find one, and if she was not the right engineer, she could point him to someone who was. He picked up the little box and made his way to the turbolift.

After a short ride to engineering, James stepped into the complex inner workings of the starship. Hums from high powered machines droned on as he started looking around for the Commander, clearly a fish out of water here.

Just a normal day in engineering and as usual Arianna is shoulder deep in the DCAF repairing a small crack in the chamber. Sensing a new persons presence, she withdrew herself from the chamber. "Can I help you Doc?", Arianna asked.

"Oh, yes Commander. Sorry to intrude but I've been fiddling with this project for hours and can't make any headway. Electrical engineering and related software is not a living being so I'm out of my league and was hoping either you could help me or you could point me to who I need to talk to for help. It involves one of thc James said as he presented to her a small communication transmitter box.

"Well lookie here. Its a communications cube.....Hm......looking to see if we canfix it for you hey?", she said looking at the Doc.

"In a manner of speaking Commander, yes." He said and reached into his pocket and brought out another small object, this time round and offered it to her.

"This is a small biosensor. Something I can use during surgery. It attaches to the body and sends information to the master display on the biobed about heart rate, blood pressure, brain activity, and other things. I'd like this sensor to relay the information to the communication cube that could send it to my display in Medical." He paused for a moment.

"My thought is that any away team going into a hostile situation, or any high risk areas can use this with minimal impact. They wear that, the cube constantly sends me bio readings so if there is an emergency, I'm already aware and there is no guess work before treatment. What are your thoughts? Am I even on the right path?" He asked, gesturing to the cube.

"Well you are on the right track but I think maybe I might be able to reconfigure a transporter armband to serve for your sensor instead of the ball sensor. The armband has less chance to fall off and it has a better range and accuracy. I believe that the cube could be adapted for use with the armbands", Arianna said looking at the device.

"I didn't even think about armbands. Fantastic idea. Is that easy to set up? I don't want to add extra to you already full plate." James said as he gestured to the engineering rooms. He was looking around amazed while she had been talking. He realized of his years on ships he had never actually been in Engineering. It was impressive.

"Nah....I can set up the armbands with the link to the sensor cube in a jiffy. When would you like them done by and how many do you need?" Arianna said.

"Hmm?" James asked and looked back at the commander. He had been looking at the engineering master display trying to discern all the different status markings when he realized he had been asked a question. "Oh, um could I start with a dozen? For timeframe I do not have a solid 'need by' date yet. Just at your convenience."

How about two days and they are ready?", Arianna said smiling at the Doctor.

James grinned. "Two days would be wonderful. Thank you very much Commander!"

Lt. Cmdr. Arianna Sky Kamar
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Pennsylvania


Lt. Jg. James Trallos MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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