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Feast of Thanks

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 10:28am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Commander Yarinna "Fanthom" Hawkins & Lieutenant Shrirao Sh'veqan & Lieutenant Cyrin Xanth & Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar & Chief Petty Officer "Chief" Alpha I CSH

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Hangar Bay 1
Timeline: Day 1

Frank walked into the hangar bay, there were enough tables set up for half of the crew to attend the dinner, he had coordinated with Arianna to make this feast happen. Earth had an old tradition during the fall season called Thanksgiving. Knowing that there many different races and cultures aboard his ship Frank called his dinner the Feast of Thanks. The crew had been divided in half so watchstanders could alternate and join in the festivities. With all of the stress and events of their arrival now two weeks behind them, Captain Kamar had hoped to celebrate a traditional holiday before beginning their in-depth scanning and mapping of the Delta Quadrant.

Arianna strolled in dressed a brightly coloured blue and red flowing ensemble trimmed with gold braid. Her hair was flowing loosely about her neck down her back. The pants flowed as she walked giving the appearance of rippling blue water. "Well, I see that you approve Captain. I hope I got it right. This feast is almost on the same principle of our feast we have after a hunt. I just hope I got the menu right", she said walking around the hanger bay stopping next to Kamar.

"You look lovely Commander Sky, I do hope your Ensign was able to get everything programmed into the replicators. I tried to choose something from every culture represented on the Penn, to celebrate our differences together."

"Yes captain, Ensign Santon got everything programmed incorrectly. There is a dish from every crew members homeworld there. I almost pulled the Klingon delicacies from the list as I am the only Klingon here", Arianna said laughing.

Next in came Major Griffith's she had studied up on this Thanksgiving notion, it was alien to her, despite her being half-human, she felt it good form to attend. So picking out appropriate attire of human styling and retro-style, an acquaintance of hers got her into such styles. So she entered the shuttle bay in a smart female pant-suit with a blouse, the colour of this outfit was a royal purple which shimmered, she wore heels to accommodate the length of her pants, she found the shoes somewhat uncomfortable, but her hair and face was done to match the clothes she was wearing, "Evening all!" she announced her presence.

Following the Major was Lieutenant Woods. She was wearing a simple red dress, accentuated with black trim and a black belt. "Evening." she mused, giving a nod to those present.

Kevin was next to enter the hangar bay. As he believed the occasion had a formal ring to it, he'd decided to make an effort and wear his kilt. It had been a while since he'd last worn it, and he'd lost a bit of weight so had to tighten the belts to their last but one hole. "I could do with a few more square meals" he muttered to himself as he looked around. Acknowledging the Captain with a nod and an "Evening Sir", he smiled at those who had already arrived and then stood off to one side.

James came into the hanger bay a few moments later. He wore an older fashion suit with grey slacks, a white shirt, a red tie and grey vest. He smiled as he entered. He always enjoyed holidays and it reminded him of home. A lot more people than his little family, but he was still going to enjoy the chance to share a meal with everyone. "Good evening everyone, good evening Captain."

Frank acknowledged the new arrivals, "Good evening, thanks for coming. Major and Lieutenant Kilbane, your dresses are lovely," he teased.

"Thank you Sir" Kevin replied to the Captain "though I was running a little late so I didn't have time to shave my legs" he quipped back.

*nods* "thank you, Captain," Griffiths said then did a double-take at Kilbane "I know we did not yet meet Lieutenant, so please tell me you are joking?" she asked.

Kevin looked at the Major and answered: "Pleased to meet you, Sir, is there anything wrong with a man shaving his legs to look good in his kilt?"

She looked at him for a long time with a raised eyebrow "No I am not touching that one, not going there!" she said with humour.

Kevin looked down at his leg, then back up to the Major "Probably best not to touch my leg, no, people might think it's some strange kind of custom" he smiled.

*Raises an eyebrow* "more likely they will think something is going on between us Lieutenant, think of that would do for our collective images?" Griffiths said with a smile.

Kevin smiled back and said, "Not for the best then Sir."

*shrugs* "That too, but imagine all the young nubiles who would be disappointed," Griffiths said with a smile

"I'm pretty sure they're more interested in you than my knobbly knees" Kevin replied.

"That is nice of you to say, Lieutenant, buy do not knock those knees, as knees go, they are not too bad" Griffiths responded "Oh looks like the feast is about to begin" she added.

Kevin looked around and indeed, food was being put in various places on tables. Nodding to the Executive Officer, he moved off and took a place at one of those tables nearby him.

After detecting that more of the crew had arrived for the festivities, Chief decided it was an appropriate time for him to join as well. Shimmering into existence just beside the already assembled crew, Chief was wearing a well-tailored three-piece suit. The suit consisted of a crisp white shirt, a deep burgundy red tie, followed by matching black waistcoat, jacket and dress trousers. To help coordinate everything, Chief had selected matching burgundy cufflinks for his shirt and a black watch with burgundy hands and numbers. Finally, Chief had on a pair of extremely well-polished dress shoes to complete the look. "Good evening all, how are you all doing tonight?" Chief politely asked everyone around him.

*looks over to Chief* "I am well, Chief, you?" Griffith's asked him.

Chief looked back at Major Griffiths "No complaints so far, my routine diagnostics are all clean and I don't detect any trouble on the horizon" he replied with a polite tone. Looking around the room, Chief held out his arms wide and continued "I am looking forward to spending some time with the crew in celebration, this is not something I have done before"

Lt Sh'veqan entered breathlessly. The blue-hued Andorian was still getting her department under control as she had just been promoted and appointed chief security officer that morning. She looked around the table and took her seat.

"Good morning every one, have I missed anything"? Her antennae going forward inquiringly.

Looking at the new Security Chief "not yet El-tee" Griffith said "nice to see you again" she added.

"Thank you its nice to see you too but admittedly I am still getting used to the new rotation". Shrirao replied.

*smiling as she looked around the room* "you will do, hope you have begun to organise your Department?" Griffiths said.

"Indeed I have Major. Tell me what feast does this represent"? The Andorian asked curiously.

"From what I can tell or understand it is a human tradition that dates back centuries, humans give thanks for what they are thankful for and then the head of the household carves up something called a Turkey, I may be half-human but I grew up in the Eurasian territories not the Pacific territories on earth so this is my first feast of such kind, before now I have only ever heard about such feasts" Griffiths responded.

Andorian's also have a feast of thanks, so I understand the sentiment and tradition. Shri'Rao said.

Yarinna almost didn't go as she heard bad news from her parents. She sat in her bed trying to make sense of it of a senseless killing. Her best friend who graduated with her was on a mission flying air cover when his Gryphon was shot out from under him for no reason by a rogue Breen fighter. It made no sense. Finally, she got dressed wearing a tight red and purple blouse with a white vest and a pair of light lavender flowing pants and her shoes. Tying her hair back she walked the short distance to the shuttle bay and entered. Looking around she saw some of the early arrivals and quietly sat by herself at a table.

Frank stood beside Arianna and reached for her hand, before whispering in her ear, "You look gorgeous tonight."

Allowing him to take her hand, she squeezed it gently. "Thank you, my love. You look quite handsome as well", she whispered back. Looking around the shuttle bay to see who was looking, she stole a kiss! "I love you", she whispered. "This looks wonderful. The decorations I replicated according to your earth customs, as well as the plates and such. I hope you like it", Arianna said.

"It looks great, I am looking forward to some Sweet Potato Pie, Have you ever had it before?" Frank asked.

As she took a seat Naomi noticed that there was something going on between the Captain and the CEO, she made a mental note to have a private word with him after the festivities were over, she did not want to spoil the mood, as she looked over the available food, there were some vegetarian dishes, so she was set.

Arianna looked towards the Major who was looking at both her and Frank and smiled. What she knew was going to be a shock to some but for now, everything was turning out the way it was planned.

"I am looking forward to sweet potato pie as well. I hear it tastes great', Arianna said, squeezing his hand gently.

James finished getting a chat at the end of a table and began looking around. He was enjoying seeing everyone with smiles on their faces as a feast was about to begin. He stood up as he saw the doors open again and a lovely lady with a little girl in a dress walk in. He came over and escorted them to one of the head tables.

"Captain Kamar, sorry to interrupt your conversation, may I please introduce to you Miss Hannah of Medical." He said with a formal now and hand gestures that ended with a thumbs up/good job to nurse Jannet who had been making sure Hannah was comfortable and was near someone she trusted.

"It is nice to meet Miss Hannah," Frank said with a smile as he bent low and kissed her hand. She latched onto his hand quickly and didn't let go. Frank's face lit up as she stood with him, he felt like a proud father standing there with Hannah.

James smiled. "Nurse Jannet will be sitting nearby, but it looks like you won't need her. If you'll excuse me, Captain, Miss Hannah, I'll leave you to the feast." James said with a flourish to Hannah and a smile to the Captain and made his way to a table.

"Thanks, Doc I appreciate it," Frank said as he turned his attention to the little girl.

"I see you have a friend, my love. Is she the child you spoke of?. She is adorable", Arianna said as she placed her hand on the child's shoulder gently. "My name is Arianna, what is yours my child?", she inquired.

"Hello Hannah, nice to meet you," Griffiths said.

Hannah looked up shyly at the new women, she’d seen them in Medical a few times with Frank. She hoped they were as nice as Frank was. “Hi, Arianna and Griffiths,” she said softly.

"How do you like being on the Penny?" Arianna said kneeling down to one knee and offering her hand to Hanna in friendship.

“I like it, Frank tells funny stories, and he even played chubby bunny with me. Did you know he can stuff ten marshmallows in his mouth?” Hannah asked with a smile.

Frank looked down at the young girl with a smile and gave her a wink, “I think it’s about to time eat, are y’all hungry?”

Looking at the smiling child Arianna laughed, "He did! Oh my, that is a lot of marshmallows", she said. Looking at Frank, "How can you be hungry after all those marshmallows? I am hungry though. Shall we eat?"

“I didn’t eat all of them, and we played a few nights ago,” he said as he pulled out their seats and helped them sit.



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