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If You Want it Done Right...

Posted on Mon Jul 15th, 2019 @ 2:04pm by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky & Lieutenant Thegog Grun
Edited on on Fri Jul 26th, 2019 @ 7:11am

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: USS Pennsylvania, Computer Core
Timeline: Incidentals Day 3

Thegog is standing in front of three of Starfleets Corps of Engineers, and he is not happy. "What is wrong with you people. I told you not to touch the ionic capacitors. Didn't I say don't touch the ionic capacitors? I believe I did infact say DO NOT TOUCH THE IONIC CAPACITORS" He yells at the top of his lungs.

One of the engineers was about to speak up, but doesn't get the chance.

"If you had just listened to me, and not pretend you know everything, then we wouldn't be in this situation, now would we. Do you three realize exactly how much work you added to my plate? On top of all the other stuff you people are messing up."

Frank had been inspecting the various engineering spaces with his Chief Engineer when he heard someone hollering. He entered the space that housed the computer core and listened to his Chief Ops holler at the Starfleet engineers who finalizing the refit repairs. "What's going on in here?" Frank asked angrily, he did not appreciate the yelling aboard his ship and was going to put a stop to it.

Thegog looked at the Commander and gave a disappointing sigh. "Oh, hello Commander. Welcome to the computer core. The problem is that these three incompetent fools when ahead and messed with one of the ionic capacitors, even though I said not to." He glared at all three of them as they look sheepishly guilty.

"Now there is a corrupted node and I have to reformat the entire navigational computer or we ain't going anywhere."

Frank listened as the Tellerite defended his actions before he replied, "First off Lieutenant I don appreciate your tone, I don't care what your rank is you will not be raising your voice at any of our crew or the Engineers," Frank was getting angrier by the second and stood toe to toe with man. Secondly if you have questions with their competency you come to me. They are guests aboard my ship Lieutenant, and as guests though they may be conducting work in your space they do not answer to you. If this is how you treat your subordinates, I will bump you back to Ensign before you can say 'Aye Captain' Now I want you to apologize to these men now!"

"Apologize? For what?"

Frank waited for the man to speak before continuing, "This is the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Sky, I suggest you speak nicely to her, after all she is Half-Klingon. If there is a problem here we will assist you or we will receive assistance from the refit crew." Frank finished talking and instantly put a cigar in his mouth, and bit it hard to refrain from dressing the Lieutenant down any further.

Arianna knew when Frank was pissed beyond belief, but for her the whole episode rode her the wrong way. "Lieutenant, HOW INCOMPETENT CAN YOU BE! First of all this ship is undergoing refit with ME in command. Second, if you have a problem you come to me when it involves engineering issues and that includes the computer cores. Third, you just arrived and you don't know who you are dealing with! The Captain was MY boss before he became the Captain! I was his Assistant CEO before I became his Chief Engineering Officer! Now......", Arianna was livid with the conduct of this young upstart. "You will apologize to these engineers or after Captain Kamar busts you down to Ensign, I will have you working in WASTE MANAGEMENT for the next week! Is that understood?", she added growling.

Thegog looked between the two of them. "You two have moxie. I like it. Fine, I will apologize." He turned to the engineers and smiles. It clearly hurts his face to do that. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I don't know what came over me. You are not incompetent, you are just bad listeners."

He turned back to the Commander and Lieutenant. "However, I did, very calmly explain to them how what they were doing was going to cause a problem. I even went as far as to say that I would be happy to help them to make sure they didn't break something. They chose not to listen to me." He said in a way that relays he may be telling the truth, but he may not have been as nice about it as he let on.

He then looked at the Lieutenant specifically. "The computer core may be yours, but the systems are mine. You can have your engineers plug things in and pull things out. However, if they do that, and it fries a system, as it just did, then I will have a problem. It's a good thing I caught it. How would you feel when we go to depart drydock, and Conn can't steer?" Who do you think he..." Thegog points at the Commander, "will blame when that happens?"

Arianna was lit! She looked at Cmdr. Kamar and her face said it all! "Oh he won't blame you.......he will look at me and I will lay the blame! Now I may not like having you mess up my ship, with all due respect Cmdr. Kamar, but I will be damned if you suddenly decide to tear her apart with your mediocre knowledge of engineering! You have a burn out, you come to me, it breaks, you come to me. I have a computer specialist arriving in a day or so and he is in MY department so you will speak with him concerning your concerns. Is that clear MISTER?", she spat out through clenched teeth.

Arianna normally was calm and quiet but, when it came down to her job she was deadly serious. Her reputation as a crack engineer was known in many of the engineering circles and she lived up to that. She had scars from plasma conduits blowing out, bulkheads piercing her body, having her head opened by explosions, but none more serious as losing her ship to stupidity. For her, being chief engineer meant that the ship was for all intense and purposes hers to maintain and love like a mother loves her child. The Penny was her child and she meant to keep her in one piece and running.

Thegog looked at her strained. "Ah, the famous Klingon temper. I heard about it. You know, I have picked up an affinity for Klingon opera. It's quite angry. It almost feels like something my people would make." He sighed. "Unfortunately, your people just don't seem to get the anger quite intense enough. You always throw in a little bit of joy."

He limped a little closer. "I may only be a Junior Grade, but I am still Chief of Operations. I will not answer to your lackeys or you. Now, you seem to have a passion for what you do, Lieutenant Commander." He spat out her rank in an almost condescending way. "That is pleasantly surprising. I will 'consult' you with matters of engineering. But if you want the systems running when they are meant to, then you will get off your higher ranking than thou high horse, and let me do my job. SIR."

Arianna nearly choked as this young Lieutenant Junior Grade spat the word "SIR". She took one step towards the man and stopped, she had it in her mind to back slap this young upstart in the face. "Mister you are on the verge of insubordination at the moment. I suggest you watch that mouth if yours sonny!", Arianna said looking at a quiet but pissed Captain.

“Stop it both of you, I’m not going to have discord among my officers period. Thegog you are indeed in charge of operations but Arianna is in charge of keeping the entire ship running. You two need to figure out a way to work together before I need to intervene again! If I do step in I will be looking for a replacement Chief. Lieutenant Grun and Commander Sky I’m leaving now. I want both of you to report to my ready room in two hours, and I want to hear that this problem has been solved.” Frank turned and walked away disgustedly before either could respond.

Thegog watched the Captain leave, took a deep breath, and let out a large sigh. He then turns to the Lieutenant. "I'm sorry Lieutenant. I tend to get very passionate. Plus, to be honest, my last CoE was kind of a screw up, so I ended up doing double duty half the time. Sometimes I forget where the line is between our two positions."

A bit taken aback by the captain's out burst left her puzzled. His emotions were, to say the least, tumultuous! Looking at the young Lieutenant, "I believe the captain means what he says. You and I need to find common ground and work together. I am willing to try as long as you stay out of engineering and all things pertaining to it. Operations is exactly that and I too have doubled there but I always stay within my own department. Maybe if we try, we could become a good team. What to you think?", Arianna said calmly.

"I think it could work. I will do my best to, what's the human phrase? Stay in my lane. If you need help, I will help. If I step out of line, please let me know. I am sorry for the trouble. But I like someone that is willing to speak up with passion. We shall have exciting arguments and resolutions." He said while giving the Lieutenant a friendly smack on the arm. He then became very serious. "Now, what shall we do about this navigational computer?"

"Well let's get started on fixing the problems that have cropped up, and then we can work on the next step. Agreed?", Arianna said.

Thegog noded his head, and picked up a PADD to start prioritizing.



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