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A Feast

Posted on Thu Nov 14th, 2019 @ 10:40am by Commander Frank Kamar Jr. & Lieutenant Commander Arianna Sky

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Frank's Quarters
Timeline: Incidentals

Frank had begun to outline his plans for a ship wide event. The events of the last week had weighed heavy until his talk with the Counselor. On his walk through earlier Frank had left a note on Arianna's desk asking her to visit him later in his quarters. He had wanted a private conversation with her to discuss the upcoming feast and a few other things.

Arianna walked into her office for a cup of ractijino and saw a note on her desk. Ractijino in hand the note in the other, she read it and smiled. Setting the cup down, she headed for Kramer's quarters. Hitting the door chime, she waited to enter.

"Come in," Frank said as he walked to the door. As soon as the doors closed he kissed Arianna gently, "Sorry I've wanted to that for a long time," he said sheepishly.

"I have been waiting to do that myself", she said wrapping her arms around him kissing him passionately. "I missed you my love", she whispered in his ear.

“I have missed you, as much as I’d like to see how far this goes let’s get the business over with it." Frank said as he stepped back but held her hand as he led her to the couch. "We’re going to have a feast and I’d like to get as many of the ships crew there as possible. The only way to do this is to use one of your shuttle bays. I also have a Padd with some delicacies that are not typically found on a replicator. Have an Ensign take care of this, you have enough work to do."

"I have enough work to do you say", she said laughing as she sat with Frank. She picked up the PADD and skimmed it quickly. "Ooooooo this looks simply delicious", she said as she continued reading. "Oooooo this looks good....peach cobbler. I am gonna have to taste that definately", she said putting the PADD down. Turning to look at Frank, "I don't think you have any idea of how I have missed you Frank. I am beginning to get jealous just a tiny bit", she said chuckling, running her hands through his hair. It felt so good just to be alone with him, even if it was for justca brief time. She had missed him deeply and snuggled into his chest listening to his heart beat.

“I’ve missed you to Arianna,” Frank ran his hand down her back gently as she lay on his chest. The scent of her hair was intoxicating, “Arianna, I don’t know who is more jealous of my time you or Penny,” he teased. His duties had only increased with their arrival in Delta, including the Hirogen incident. He knew sooner or later he’d have to tell Arianna about the intel he received earlier but decided an evening of peace with the woman he cared for deeply was more important. With a soft smile he leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"It is true of me as well, the Penny keeps me away from your arms as much as she keeps you away from me. I know that Delta is unexplored and it is unknown territory and that whatever is outhere could very well keeps apart for weeks at a time. It isall I can dot keep from addressing you by your first name. I nearly made that mistake a few times already", she said softly. Tracing his 6-pack with her nails made him quiver under her touch. She allowed her mind to momentarily open to allow what he felt filter into hers. Arianna wished that she could imprint on his mind to allow him to hear her thoughts but not being a full bloodded Betazoid, she couldn't.

Frank sighed happily under her touch, "Arianna, as long as we are alone, you can call me what you wish Darling. I spoke with the Counselor, and she has given her approval. Will you be my date to the Feast next week?"

"Of course Frank. I would love to be your date. It sounds so exciting. I have just the thing to wear to", she said, kissing him passionately. Her heart was beating for his and she hoped soon they would beat as one. "So what has the Counselor told you my love?" Arianna asked

"Doctor patient privilege," Frank said with a grin, before kissing her.

"You have got to be kidding", she said looking up at him. "Keeping secrets from me already my love?", Arianna said softly. Nestling deeper into his chest was comforting to her. She felt safe in his arms listening to the rhythm of his heart. "Frank......let's elope", she said almost whispering to him.

Frank laughed softly, "Elope? like we're two young lovers, that's what an XO is for. We could have the Major perform the ceremony and announce it at the feast."

Arianna suddenly sat bolt upright, slightly trembling. What Frank just said took her breath away. "Are you proposing......seriously......announce it at the feast......Major perform the ceremony?", she finally said her voice trembling just like her body.

"If that's ok with you," Frank replied.

"Oh my.......Kahless......YES!!!!......Of course.........oh my god.....", Arianna nearly fainted as she kissed him passionately. "I thought you were never going to ask. My god, yes Frank I will be your parmacai!", she said excitedly, still trembling with tears of joy falling. This was the happiest day in her life.

"I will talk to the Major tomorrow and see what she says." Frank said. "I hope to make you happy with the rest of my days," he said sincerely.

"Frank you always make me happy even when I am sad and alone. Just being near to you gives me the strength to go on. Two hearts will now beat as one", Arianna said happily.


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