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The New Girl

Posted on Fri Nov 8th, 2019 @ 9:59am by Lieutenant JG James Trallos MD & Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Medical
Timeline: Incidentals

Frank entered medical again to check on the young girl, named Hannah. He had followed her progress as she improved, when she was well enough to sit up, he began reading books to her. It was a nice distraction from all of the responsibilities of running a Starship. Waving at the doctor he spoke,"Hey Doc, hows she doing this afternoon?"

James stood up when the Captain entered his office. "Id say all things considered Captain shes doing very well." James said offering a chair. "She's been through a lot, and has a long ways to go, but she's making good improvements. She's been playing some simple board games with one of my nurses yesterday and this morning so she is starting to feel more comfortable here."

James smiled after a moment, "She also spoke to me yesterday. She wanted to know when her next story was going to be. I told her I did not know when you would be available next and offered to read her one but she said quote 'not from you.'" He laughed. "Your apparently a better story teller then I am Captain."

Frank smiled, “She is a sweet girl, Jane and I always wanted children..” he trailed off for a moment,”but life had other ideas. It does seem that Hannah has taken a shine to me. How much longer do you think she’ll need to be in here doc?”

James nodded his head. "Life rarely seems to follow our ideas. I'll be straight with you Captain, Hannah is going to need a lot of help. Poor thing has been through a lot and seen way more than a girl her age ever should."

James smiled again. "The good news is I think she is very resilient and with enough support, love and visits with Lieutenant Bancroft, I think she will make a full recovery. She feels safe here, and is getting more active and looking around, so I think just a couple more days and she'll be good to leave. I'm planning on having her help me and my staff decorate both port and starboard sickbays for the Feast. Help her feel safe and part of things here and get her outside for the first time."

"That's an excellent idea, maybe you could bring her to the feast. I think getting her active will help her out alot. Is there anything I can do to help? I can keep reading stories."

"I'll make sure she's there. I think it would do her well too if she sat near by you at the feast. She will feel safer with people she knows. I think that those stories help her out a lot. She's very attentive when your talking to her." James thought for a moment. "You know Captain, she may also like a trip to the holodeck. If you have some time availability, you would make an excellent tour guide for her."

"Sounds good, I will take her fishing, and have a picnic. Maybe she'll like being outdoors and having a change of scenery. Outstanding suggestion Doctor," Frank said excitedly. "I have an extra room in my suite, when she is ready to leave Medical she could stay there if she wished.

"Well, as far as all that goes and official release date, I'll leave that to our Chief Councilor. Physically she's ready today, but mentally and emotionally, at least another few days is my guess, but I'll defer to whatever the councilor thinks best for her. I think fishing and picnics would be good though. Always loved fishing, quiet and peaceful outdoors. I think your on the right path Captain."

“Thanks again Doc, May I go ahead and read with her? I downloaded The Little Engine that Could in my Padd.”

"Absolutely Captain. She will be glad to see you. I'll have one of the technicians bring over an extra chair for you." James said as he signalled one of the techs.

Frank sat beside the young girls bed and brushed her hair back gently off of her face, Hannah’s pretty blue eyes stared back at him. She looked better physically but he knew not all her wounds were physical. With a smile he read her a story as he had every evening since she had awakened. They had been unable to determine yet where she was from but she did confirm that her parents were dead. After her story Hannah fell asleep holding Frank’s hand. Using his right hand he balanced his Padd as he read through the evening reports from the department heads.

James walked over and wheeled a small cart over so the Captain could rest his PADD on it instead of his thigh. On a whisper, James asked "Can I get you anything Captain? Cup of coffee or a sandwich? You look like you'll be occupied for a little longer."

With a smile Frank replied softly , "Thank you, A cup of coffee would be excellent, Doc. She looks so peaceful when she's asleep, I don't want to disturb her."

James nodded and headed to the replicator and brought back a coffee. "She's starting to feel safe here and is finding the right people she feels safe with. You and nurse Jannet seem to bring her the most comfort. If your ok with it, I'll have Nurse Jannet sit on the other side of Hannah at the feast so she is between her favorite people."

"That will be fine, I.." Frank glanced down as the Padd flashed a Red Communication warning, "It appears I won't be staying to much longer, I have a priority message from Iota Station."

James carefully helped ease the Captains arm back without waking the girl. "Your welcome to take the message in my office if you want Captain. I'll make sure she's comfortable."

"Thanks Doc, I do appreciate all you do for her and the rest of our crew," Frank said after he stood up. He stepped into another room and read the message. Good news and bad news, Woods would be transferring back to Iota Station and the new Chief of Security would be arriving in the next 48 hours. There was also new intelligence concerning the Hirogen beginning to "hunt" Starfleet vessels. Frank ran his hand through his gray hair as he locked the screen on his Padd.

Stepping out of the office he spoke with Doctor Trallos, "Hey Doc, I'm sorry but I do have to go, duty calls." Frank felt tired as he glanced at Hannah sleeping peacefully, the responsibilities of running a task force and a starship were beginning to take their toll.

"Of course Captain. Your welcome down here anytime." James said and followed the Captains gaze. "Don't forget sir, you need to take care of yourself too. Make sure your getting some sleep as well."

"I will, thank you again," he replied as he left Medical and went to the Ready Room.


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