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Intelligence Report

Posted on Sun Nov 24th, 2019 @ 5:54am by Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar & Commander Frank Kamar Jr.

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: Secured Conference Room
Timeline: Incidentals

Frank reviewed the message from Iota Station about the Hirogen. Apparently they knew the a new Starfleet ship was coming. Based on their previous encounters with Voyager, a new Starship operating in the area provided new prey for the hunters. The Intelligence briefing also contained warnings about traps and tactics that Hirogens had used previously. Frank called for the meeting with his Security Chief and Intel Chief to discuss the threat as well as ways to assist in protecting the Penn. The Major has already begun to put her plan into place for security teams and Marines to protect the ship.

It was unusual for a Captain to call a meeting in the Secure room, but it was designed for conversations and discussions that did not need to leave the room. With his trusty cup of tea in hand he waited patiently for his lieutenants to arrive. He always enjoyed arriving before anyone that way they weren’t having to stand when he entered.

Kevin arrived at the Secure room, entered his security access code into the panel and watched as the doors slid back. Entering the room, he saw the Captain was already there and said "Hello Captain, looks like we have a bit of a situation to fathom out."

"Yes we do LT, since it's just you and I, let's cut the formalities and get to work. Grab a drink and we'll begin." Frank wasn't trying to sound rude or brisk, but he was focused on the situation at hand. "I received orders this morning saying Lieutenant Woods was summoned back to Iota Station for some security matters, I believe the new Security Chief will be arriving on the same transport that Miss Woods is departing on."

Kevin didn't know Lieutenant Woods all that well, so their departure and the arrival of a new Chief of Security to discuss matters with didn't make any difference to him. He walked over to the replicator and got himself a cup of Assam tea, turning and heading back towards the table he said "A new arrival, a fresh perspective on the situation Sir" he said as he sat down.

Taking a sip of the tea he then asked "So, what do we have by way of information to work with? I know very little about what happened during your last mission, or what caused the deaths of the crewman" he finished.

"We received a distress from a Hirogen vessel, based on all of our scans their engines were disabled shields were down. They did not answer any of our attempts to communicate. Our scans showed multiple life forms, some with injuries. We assembled a security team to conduct a quick scout to determine the exact status. The plan was to secure the ship, assist with repairs or medical injuries, then get out, but thats not what happened. Our team was ambushed, we beamed them all back and immediately went to full Red Alert from Yellow. All four team members were KIA. Two of their prisoners were rescued, one was just a child. Anything else you'd like to ask Kilbane?"

The mission information was more or less fired at him, and the use of the single surname made Kevin feel like he'd asked a question he had no earthly right to. He sat upright squarely in his seat and replied "No, I have no other questions Captain, thank you for the information you provided."

"Not a problem," Frank replied easily, he'd played the scenario through his head so many times the last two weeks, he could easily recite it. Frank's expression turned painful, "I'll be honest with you LT, I don't want to lose another team like that again. I've replayed it through my head so many times. I'd like you to use this information to help prevent another occurrence. The Hirogen are on the hunt, and I will not be a tree'd fox."

"If I can be permitted to view all the logs and reports of the incident Captain, I may be able to help come up with a preventative measure to reduce the chances of this happening again, or at the very least, be able to find a way to trace and identify the Hirogen vessel that was used in the deception" Kevin replied "knowing which vessel it was could help us trace the ships movements and bring about...justice" he finished.

"Absolutely, Lieutenant, I will have the new Chief authorize full access immediately. I appreciate your help sir, Is there anything else I can do to assist you in this matter?"

"Thank you Captain, that's fully appreciated. In regards to more assistance, for the moment, no, perhaps once I've read the logs and reports on the incident I may have some information requests, but I think that's everything just now" Kevin replied with respect.

“Thank you sir, I look forward to following up with you in a couple days.”

"Thank you Sir" Kevin replied. Standing up and coming to attention, he nodded his head by way of leave, turned and left the room.


Commander Frank Kamar
Commanding Officer
USS Pennsylvania


Lieutenant JG Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Pennsylvania


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