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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Wed Nov 27th, 2019 @ 12:17pm by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Shrirao Sh'veqan

Mission: Delta Operations
Location: First Officers Office
Timeline: Prior to seeking out the Captain



Naomi was working away catching up on some work when the door buzzer sounded "ENTER" she said and in walked an Andorian female Lieutenant Jg in Operations Colours, she stood up with a smile and held out her hand "Welcome to the Penny Lieutenant ...?" she ended with a question.

The blue-skinned officer knew this custom and took the Major's hand and shook it.

After the hand-shake Griffiths sat back down and activated the personnel file section.

"Sh'veqan Major, Lt Shrirao (Pronounced "Shree' Rayo") Sh'Veqan. Here are my orders and qualifications, Sir". The Andorian replied.

The Andorian's antennae pointed towards the Major as she handed her papers/qualifications over in the form of a PADD. She was a qualified Lawyer and Investigator. She had just completed a rotation in the JAG's office on Starbase 11.

She waited patiently as Major Griffiths carefully read over her qualifications.

She took the Padd and read it over and grunted positives after she had done this she copied the data into her computer then handed the Padd back "where are my manners, please be seated Lieutenant" she said looking a little abashed at her lapse.

"Thank you". Shri'rao said talking the PADD back.

The Lieutenant took a seat. The Major was the XO and She would be her immediate reporting official.

"What kind of security problems have you been dealing with? Are there any standing orders that you or the captain have?" Shrirao asked.

Calling up the specific details on her terminal "we had some attempted sabotage, it turned out to be a spy device thankfully, so I will need you to concentrate on making another more secure backup to all our systems and only you, myself and the Captain will know about that one, so it will be needed to be kept off the record and generally improving security all over the ship, I want all on-duty Security Officers to carry hand Phasers, hand Phasers and light chest armour for the pair of Officers I want standing outside the key areas, they are not to interfere with day to day ship duties of the departments they are guarding, but I want them there on station so as to ensure no vital area is breached, any questions, comments?" Griffiths said ending with a question.

"I will post the order this morning Sir, anything else?" Shri'Rao asked.

"Yes, we have a small complement of Marines on the ship, there are bigger plans for them, but I want you to rotate them with Fleet Security Officers on deck patrols, I do not want them sitting around doing anything in between ground missions, I want them to integrate with ship Security in most duties. Okay, you answered my query with a question, now I need to know, do you have anything to mention like some ideas you might have, but want to run by me first?" she asked.

"I am still feeling my way around Major, but I do reserve the right too, if I come up with something then I will run it by you first. Shri'Rao said.

*nods* "Good, but what plans do you see happening for your department?" Griffiths asked she knew the Lieutenant had a mind for wanting to achieve something, so she was testing the Lieutenant to see what she was made of "What would you like to do with your Department Lieutenant, you must have some idea according to your service jacket" she pushed.

"First I would like to establish QRT and SAR teams, then I want them to train together with the marines and security personnel on the new TR-2000 projectile rifle. I would also like to step up the Martial arts training by adding bladed weapons to the training schedule. That should be enough to keep me busy for them in the near term, Major." Shri'Rao said.

*nods* "The QRT and SAR idea is in the works, you are not the first to come to me with this idea, it is a good idea and I will be holding a Departmental Head briefing about it soon, the training will include all weapons. Now as for this TR-2000 research, you will need to speak to the Science and Engineering Departments to help you out with that" Griffith said "but all good ideas and at least you know what you want, the R&D part you have clearance to work on and as for the Cross-training idea the CMO brought this up and as mentioned I will be calling a meeting later on to address this as I fully agree with the idea, I do have to run this by the Captain first to get his approval, but I do not think that it should be a problem!" Griffiths said "anything else Lieutenant?" She asked by ending with a question.

"Not at this time Major. May I assume my post"? Shri'Rao asked.

*Smiling* "Of course El-tee, we are finished here," Griffiths said and watched the newly promoted CoS leave her office when the door had closed Naomi looked around "I have got to get a proper office!" she moaned to herself and returned to her work.

Shri'Rao extended her hand to the major and shook it. Then she left the XO's office she had a lot of work to do...

After the Lieutenant had left Naomi returned to her duties she had some stuff to catch up on, it was days like this she missed ground combat or any combat in general, she hated paperwork.



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