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Meeting The Department Heads - Chief Operations Officer

Posted on Sun Jul 21st, 2019 @ 12:16pm by Major Naomi Sylan Griffiths & Lieutenant Thegog Grun
Edited on on Fri Jul 26th, 2019 @ 7:13am

Mission: Onboarding & Departure
Location: Various
Timeline: Incidentals Day 003


After dropping her stuff off at her quarters, she found that her stuff had been delivered to her quarters, sighing not wanting to unpack just yet, she straightened up her uniform and exited her quarters and headed out to meet the CoO.

"Computer, locate Lieutenant Grun please?" Griffiths asked.

"Lieutenant Grun is currently in Holodeck 1" the computer voice replied dutifully.

With that, she returned to the turbo lift and asked it to take her to Holodeck One, it stopped on the recreational level and she stepped out, she walked ways until she approached the holodeck and then she entered, she stopped short, she was expecting to see some kind of holo-program running, but there was an engineer she assumed Grun sitting cross-legged on the floor with that area open, showing all the innards, bracing herself, she walked in and stood a pace behind the busy engineer and cleared her throat.

Thegog was in the process of dismantling the power relays in the floor to discover why there was a power drop whenever they are used. He didn't even hear the Major approach. When she cleared her throat, he looked up at her with a look of confusion.

"Oh for goodness sake. Computer, end program." He stared at the Major as nothing happened. "Computer, delete the character of the marine in holodeck one." Still looking confused as the Major did not disappear.

"This problem must be worse than I thought. Computer, run a level 4 diagnostic on your emitter buffers. Specifically looking for any arrant images that may be currently displaying."

=/\= Level 4 diagnostic complete. There are currently no anomalous fragments being displayed. =/\=

Finally understanding that this person was not a hologram, he looked even more quizzically. "I'm sorry Major, I think you're on the wrong ship."

Leaning over to have a look at the exposed wires "that looks complex" she said then looking down at the Tellarite "my apologies Lieutenant, I am Major Naomi Griffiths, I am the new First Officer on this ship, so I think I have a right to be here, don't you?" She asked in a friendly tone, there was no malice nor condescending attitude just a simple soft factual reply. "What are you doing there exactly El tee?" she asked indicating the exposed ODN cables "and if you are Chief of Operations, why the hell are you doing an engineers job, is it not the responsibility of the Chief of Operations to coordinate with the Departments to make sure they all work as one entity, or do you like just getting your hands dirty?" she asked.

Thegog stood up. "Ah yes. It seems that the core polarity compensator is collapsing, and when I tried to run the standard subprogram with the non-linear phase distributor, it would fail every time. And, since everyone else is busy, and I knew what I was looking for, I thought I would just take care of it." He sighed, "Unfortunately, it seems like it is a little above my skill level after all, so I will let the engineers deal with it."

He quickly got off the floor. "Not offence Major, but from what I understand, this is a science vessel. Why is a Marine the XO?"

She walked over to the exposed conduits, crouched down to have a good look being mindful not to touch anything *looks up at the Tellarite with a smile* "I would not know what goes where" she said indicating the open section of the floor as she stood up and walked over to him "why is there a Marine as an XO, more accurately I am a Rifleman I am what one might say on detached duty from my Regiment. You are right, this is a science vessel, but despite all it's upgrades and it's refit, a Nebula class is a Nebula Class *inhales and exhales* I am assigned as the ships First Officer on the fact that this is a Science Vessel and your new Captain will need an experienced combat veteran, and we are going into the Delta Quadrant, the one area that makes the other three quadrants seem tame in comparison, like your Captain I have done the Advanced Command Course all Fleet Officers going for their first command has done, unlike him this is my first time as First Officer of a Starship, this means a whole new ball game. *pauses* "Commanding a Platoon is different than what I am doing now, I simply want to further my experience and what better way than to be the First Officer on a Starship. But the short answer is this Science Vessel is going into a hostile Quadrant, where Fleet support might as well be non-existent I am here for any military actions that come up, does that answer your question Lieutenant?" Griffiths responded.

Thegog eyed her carefully. "As far as answers go, Sir, that is a well stated one. But, out of curiosity. Are we expecting a fight? Should I bring my Phase Rifle?" He planted himself a little deeper as most Tellarites do when they are getting ready for a 'discussion'. "I mean, no offence Major, but as far as I am aware, we are not going to have a Marine contingent on board. What can one Marine do against a whole quadrant?"

Studying the Chief "This ship has it's Phasers in the armoury, always expect the unexpected Lieutenant. and there will be some Marines assigned this ship, but I suspect they will be an extension of Security, so I will not be the only Marine, most of the tactical stuff will be left to the Chief of Security, does this clarify things?" she responded.

His eyes get a little more narrow. "If I may be so bold, I've read through some of the reports from Voyager. If it wasn't for sheer luck, they would have been destroyed many times over. And they didn't go expecting a fight."

*shrugs* "that was one little ship, whose crew got very lucky, considering their circumstances, their actions are probably the cause for all the diplomacy that is now taking place. And hindsight is like that, we know more now than we did and this ship is being kitted out for Operations in the Delta Quadrant, it has a large crew complement, better facilities and a larger Security detachment on her. We will benefit from what the Voyager had to learn on the spot, so if you are worried, then do not be so, but a healthy wariness is always a good thing" she said with a smile.

"I'm not sure worried is the right word for it, but I did not sign up for a battleship," Thegog said with a bit of false self-confidence in his voice. "I understand a fight is sometimes necessary, but I don't want us to go in there, guns blazing, inciting a fight."

"I do not think that is the Captain's aim, it is certainly not the reason for our foray into the Delta Quadrant, but I believe the humans have a term for this, fore-warned is fore-armed, we will be doing the standard Starfleet to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before! The idea, but if a heavy hand is needed, then the marines will be here for that" she responded.

Thegog concedes. "Fair enough Major. Then I look forward to observing a Marine in command during a peaceful expedition. It will be an interesting study. All of my experience with Marines, they tend to get antsy when they don't have something to shoot at."

Looking somewhat wistfully "I cannot deny that observation Lieutenant, we Marines tend to have an Alpha type personality, but that is just the officers. But I went to the Advanced Command Course at the Academy, so I should be okay" she said giving him a wink.

He nodded. "We shall see. Is there anything else you wanted to discuss Major?" He looked down at the wire all over the floor. "I still need to put this back together before Lieutenant Commander Sky sees it and murders me."

Tilting her head to one side "I thought the Chief Operation's Officer regardless of rank outranked a CEO? As you have to coordinate all departments" she asked

Thegog smirks in a rare moment of enjoyment. "Have you met Lieutenant Sky? Very nice person, but even I have learned very quickly not to get on her bad side."

*shrugs* "Well it is all a learning process, I suppose, well I think I have taken up enough of your time and I would not want to get you into hot water with the CEO, I will see you at the mission briefing?" she asked.

"Thank you Major, and I look forward to working with you. I'm eager to hear what our mission will be."

"Excellent, see you then Lieutenant," Griffiths said with a smile and left the holodeck to allow the Tellarite to work in peace.


Major Naomi Griffiths
First Officer

Lieutenant Jg Thegog Grun
Chief Operations Officer


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